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Welcome July

Wishing you a Happy Month of July and a Happy Independence Day

"Writing is no trouble: you just jot down ideas as they occur to you. The jotting is simplicity itself - it is the occurring which is difficult."

-Stephen Leacock 1869-1944

Being a Spiritual Empath in the Modern World

As a spiritual empath, you may be distressed by the troubles of the modern world. However, it is possible to find the love and community you long for. Spiritual empaths need to protect themselves from the negativity around them because they are easily overwhelmed. However, distancing ourselves from the reality of the modern world can make an empath feel even more unhappy and disconnected. Spiritual Empaths often struggle in a world where they feel they don’t fit in. They feel the pain and suffering of the planet and don’t understand why nothing is being done about it. This can make the empath want to withdraw from the modern world to avoid stimulating their spiritual empathy. Withdrawing from the world might be useful at times to help us remain stable. However, it can leave us feeling guilty for not doing more to try to create the world we dream of. We need to balance our self-protection and our activity in the world. As a spiritual empath, it is essential to limit your exposure to negative influences such as dramatic news stories and people who spout anger and hate. We also need to avoid exposure to advertising, which plays on society’s fears in order to encourage people to spend. However, we also need to stay in contact with this world and not just bury our heads in the sand. Spiritual empaths are easily overwhelmed by the suffering in the world and can feel hopeless and helpless in the face of all that needs to be done. This can make us feel sad, depressed and anxious to the point where we are no help to anyone including ourselves. One way to find a balance and purpose is to realize that, while we can’t solve the world’s problems, we can make a difference. We can choose a path of healing for our world and ourselves. While we can’t give all the money and time we would like, we can choose a cause to support with our precious time and our limited resources. When we focus on what we can do, and remind ourselves of the good we have achieved, this can lift the sadness and grief and help us to feel more positive in the face of the world’s problems. Even the smallest act of love and kindness can have a ripple effect on the people around us. In fact, we never know when a simple kind word or deed might change another person’s life. While it is impossible to ignore the disharmony in the world, we can also consciously choose to look for the good. It helps to avoid media sources that stir up anger and hatred and focus on those that promote peace, understanding, and kindness instead. We can scroll past the negative news stories and focus on those that tell positive stories of humanity. By stopping to linger on the stories of people being kind and helpful we can uplift ourselves. We can also look for the good in the physical world around us. We can focus on the beauty instead of the ugliness. When we stop to think about the wonder of being alive in the world in human form, we can begin to appreciate the journey we are undertaking. The wisdom of the spiritual empath is sorely needed in the world at the present time. We have come a long way against discrimination, oppression and exploitation. However, there is still such a long way to go. It sometimes feels like, as a society, we take one step forwards and then two steps back. It is the wisdom of those that feel for others and who want to promote peace and love that will overcome the voices of separation and hate. Our voices need to be heard. We can’t all have our say in the media or politics. But we can influence those around us to look for the beauty and love in all things.


The month of June came with much warmer temperatures and a mix of sunshine and rain. Local businesses started to reopen and the community started a slow return to some normalcy. Schools came to a close and we watched our son finish his sixth-grade year and move forward ready to enter the 7th grade this coming fall. We could not have been more proud as we worked together through his struggles and joined in the excitement of his accomplishments. While summer has begun, he still has required summer reading and tutoring once a week. He picked out two books and we decided we would all read together as a family. His hopes for the summer are days of fishing and heading to the pool to meet up with friends. As the summer solstice took place we celebrated the first tomatoes and peppers out of the garden. We are reminded that all of us are we-and everyone else is they. A family shares things like dreams, hopes, possessions, memories, smiles, frowns and gladness. A family is a clan held together with the glue of love an mutual respect. A family is shelter from the storm and is a friendly port when the waves of life become too wild.

Our thoughts were with the graduating class of 2020. Together, this senior class has celebrated the meaning of community and supported one another during the most challenging of times. Through it all, this senior class has demonstrated a steadfast purpose and a generosity of spirit. With confidence I now believe, more than ever, that the world needs their discoveries, solutions, creations, empathy, and compassion. As we wait for a complete return to normalcy I often think of the Serenity Prayer, and hope for wisdom. My hope is that those with their hand on the tiller are wise. And sane. Selfless and sensible. When this is over, and it will be one fine day, I hope to be able to look myself in the eye. And know I did what was required, no matter how difficult. I hope this finds you doing okay. That you're able to remain optimistic. That you and your loved ones are safe. And healthy.

With Love,

Did you know that July starts on the same weekday as April every year?

The birth flowers for July are the Larkspur and the Water Lily.

The birthstones for July are Ruby, Sapphire, Onyx, Sardonyx and Carnelian.

In the United States July can also be referred to as Baked Beans Month, Ice Cream Month, Hot Dog Month and Blueberries Month.

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You can now order my book!

I am excited to announce that you can now order my book and it was an Amazon Best Seller! It is now available on Amazon. The release date was February 18th. It has been a long process with the publishers but it is finally finished!

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Tarot of the Month


The ten of swords portends endings and beginnings. It is about letting go and accepting what is inevitable. Often these endings are painful. You may have suffered from deceit, betrayal, collapse, exhaustion, violence, bitterness, the loss of a job or the abrupt ending of a relationship. Getting past ways of old and learning how to cope with the new is the name of the game. Pushing past hurts and not allowing yourself to fall into a state of victimhood. It is time to move forward from what can sometimes be a bitter reality. You can pick yourself up or fall down, hoping that someone will take pity on you. The worst is behind you! Something that burdened you in life has finally ended. Time to assess what you have learned from tis experience so that you can evolve. It’s time to take concrete steps toward putting ideas into reality and to manifest a personal goal or dream. Stay focused and put a clear plan in place for achieving your dreams. This is a stage of planning and building a strong foundation. Seek out new skills. Assistance is available to you if you ask for it. Good news in the way of material things and finances are headed toward you. Lay strong foundations. Stay grounded. Take care of your health by getting back to nature. The rewards that you reap from the page of pentacles will be from focused and steadfast work. Stay committed to your path. There are lots of opportunities to broaden your horizon. Have confidence and keep up the momentum. Your proverbial ship is coming in! Plans are going smoothly. Travel, or a work opportunity abroad is possible. If you are looking for love a long-distance relationship may be on the horizon. Spread your wings, expansion of business and positive partnerships is possible now. Financial matters are improving. You have the foresight and vision to see past any obstacles that may lie ahead.

Questions and Counsel

Dear Katelyn,

What’s it like when you talk to spirit? Does it make you feel tired? Is it scary? Like I guess just overall?


Curious George

Hi Curious George,

Great questions. So great of a question I am not even sure how to fully explain it. I’ll first start off by saying that communicating is not scary for me anymore since I became use to it. I experience paranormal activity on a daily basis. It can be exhausting. It’s kind of like running. The first time you run you are going to feel exhaustion rather quickly, but the more you do it the easier it becomes. However, even after you run a marathon you are still guaranteed to experience fatigue. I use to be able to do a few readings a day, now I can read up to 5+ hours before the fatigue sets in. When I conduct group healings the exhaustion sets in fairly quickly because there are so many people I’m clearly at once. My main communication is through feelings, but I still can hear, and see for communication. My dreams are usually prophetic as well. Halloween is Halloween because the veil between our two worlds is thin. My own person veil is just simply thin. Every day is literally Halloween for me.




Spiritual Practices


Happy healing! I part two of the chakra series you will learn about the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra is orange and is located in the pelvis near the sacrum about 1-2 inches below the navel. It controls our sexual organs and reproductive system including ovaries or testes. It also controls the bladder, uterus and prostate. This chakra is responsible for the proper functioning of the reproductive system, its organs and hormones, the energy of the sacral chakra is also responsible for the administration of the lymphatic and circulatory system and the urinary tract. An imbalance in the sacral chakra can cause many physical issues such as urinary problems, kidney stones, lower back pain, gynecological problems such as endometriosis, sterility, fibroids, menstrual cramping, prostate problems, sexual dysfunction and sciatica. This chakra is deeply influenced by our ideas about pleasure. It is the seat of our emotions and is mainly responsible for producing joy, ambition, self-love, healthy relationships and creativity. Since the sacral chakra governs the reproductive system, it also deals with the stimulation of the production of sexual hormones or hormones that develop pleasure, joy and other emotions. Imbalances manifest as decreased or no sexual desire, feelings of deservedness, being unhappy and miserable. When balanced you naturally give and receive love, are affectionate and playful, there is no neediness, no feeling clingy and no jealousy. Affirmations- I allow pleasure and goodness into my life. I open myself to simple healing pleasures. I am grateful for the joy of being me. I receive pleasure and abundance with every breath that I take. Crystals- carnelian, tiger’s eye, onyx, citrine and orange aventurine Archangel Metatron corresponds to the sacral chakra. Call on him to help you realize that who you are and what you do is enough. He can help you find you way when you have lost hope and a sense of joy in life. You can heal the sacral chakra by consuming orange foods such as oranges, sweet potatoes, papayas and mangoes, practicing yoga, doing meditation near water, dancing and doing creative hobbies such as painting and making pottery.

Blessed be!

Energy Channeling


Connecting with your Energy:

The Divine Self, or the Higher Self, as it is also known, is a belief held by Hindus and New Age thought alike. According to these beliefs, the Divine Self is the Self that exists at an even higher level than the soul; it is in every person ever born. It is the essence of the Universe that dwells in your being, the source of all light and life within you, and your true motivation for living. The divine self is what powers you and makes you wonder. It is the soul light at your core that chose to be incarnate at this point in time. It’s ever-aware and has been thinking since you began existing in this lifetime, and since your birth in other lifetimes. The body and the physical realm, in which we dwell, are thought to be but a vehicle for the higher self.

In the same beliefs, the soul is closer to the personality and is an intermediary between the person and her Divine Self until such time as she is able to directly experience and realize the Divine Self as who she is.

How to Contact Your Divine Self

If you’re interested in opening up to your Divine Self, the practice promises guidance, peace, harmony, and illuminating light through its higher knowledge. Believers also claim that you can more easily turn away from the distractions of the physical world, and restore yourself in the light, love, and power of this eternal Self, because it will reveal the illusions, desires, and attachments that keep you trapped in a lower vibration and on a lesser path, thus enabling you to find your higher path. You are also supposed to gain a greater ability to recognize limiting, disharmonious, and restricting energies and forms.

The Divine Self is always trying to reach you, to send you the power, illumination, love, and wisdom to draw higher forms, thoughts, feelings, and situations into your life. The Divine Self is wise; it knows all and is always showing you an easier, better, more joyful way to live.

Because of these things, it’s not a huge struggle through your willpower to contact your Divine Self. All you need do is set your intention and open to all the gifts of consciousness that await you as you connect with this Self.

1. Sit Quietly

Find a calm, quiet spot to spend some time in. Set your intention to make contact with your Divine Self, to open to It and to receive Its energy, love, inspiration, and all the transformation, awareness, and gifts of consciousness It is always offering you. Silence is a vital factor in this process, as the connection with the Divine Self goes beyond the mind, and you should rid yourself of as many distractions as possible. Because of this, though, you may not feel you have made contact, but don’t feel discouraged! Your intention to connect with your Divine Self and your receptivity to It is all that is needed to make this connection and to receive Its guidance, energy, and inspiration. It always responds to your call.

2. Let Your Thoughts Go

Release any thoughts swimming around in your mind, and imagine that you are infinite intelligence, unconditional love, and all-knowing wisdom, looking out through your eyes. Sense the “I” within you that is always present, which is pure awareness.

Bring your mind to a state of inner stillness, with nothing to do or think about, even if just for a moment. Let go of any thoughts about the outer world and go within, asking for your Divine Self to draw you into Itself. You can make the connection to your Divine Self even stronger by having the intention to release any thoughts or beliefs that may be an obstacle to contacting your Divine Self or to receiving its gifts.

3. Speak to the Divine Self

If you want to try, ask for guidance, an insight, or an answer as you enter into the silence. You can do this out loud or just in your mind. It is in moments of silence that the Divine Self can impart to you as much of its wisdom, power, and love that you can receive. Notice what new thoughts you have after these moments of silence, calling upon your Divine Self. Doing this brings more power, love, wisdom, guidance, abundance, and spiritual vision.

4. Be Receptive

Afterward, you may receive an inner message that may feel like you giving yourself a message, which is totally normal. Contact may come through a sense of energy, peace, an inner knowing, an answer, a deeper breath, or in many other ways. It is fine if you do not have any response you can feel or identify; know that contact has been made simple through your intention to make contact. With this, some insight, extra energy, or inspiration has been imparted to you that will unfold at the perfect time.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing this meditation; in fact, it is very effective to have frequent ten or twenty-second meditation periods during the day. Even pausing briefly during a busy day to get quiet and ask for energy or guidance is a wonderful way to deepen contact with your Divine Self.

With love always




Automatic Writing:

Automatic writing is writing automatically without thinking about what you will write. It is a technique that is used in various forms of therapy and in writer’s workshops around the world. Though, when employed as an extra-sensory practice, it involves opening oneself up to not only your own subconscious but also to spiritual beings and entities who might have some positive information and wisdoms to share with you.

Amongst super physical, or psychic, abilities it is automatic writing that many people find the easiest to develop because the nature of this ability is one that can often get past the conscious defenses of our mind and allow us access to spiritual information.

This is true because, when we first become interested in spiritual abilities, we are often hampered in our over-confident attempts at psychic development by the protective ego, or conscious mind, which does not want us to experience anything that it cannot explain using reason. This is partly self-defense on the part of our mortal mind and partly self-defense on the part of our unique being. What if we come up against something that we cannot handle and suffer a breakdown or, worse, death? In other words, our fear of the unknown is often the very thing that keeps us from being able to experience the psychic unknown which we truly are trying to embrace.

How does automatic writing help overcome this problem? Well, simply put, the mind is a part of the physical body and as such will default to the physical senses if given the opportunity. Hence, putting a pen to paper. With a pen in your physical hand, the mind does not find it so ludicrous and fearfully unexplainable that information should be coming through you. After all, isn’t that what we’re supposed to do with a pen and paper?

So, pen in hand, you are more likely to be able to let spiritual beings speak to you and through you. And that is what you are aiming for, to allow non-physical information to permeate through you, as a physical being. This is the nature of psychic ability of any kind, the knowing and understanding of things not physically apparent.

With the development of automatic writing you may also find yourself hearing or knowing things in the split-second before they are written. These abilities, clairaudience and Clair cognizance (or clairsentience) are commonly developed in tandem with other types of extra-sensory gifts so they should not be alarming.

How to Do It:

The process is simple and does not require any particularly difficult preparations.

You need a clean surface for writing, a very good-working pen, a stack of blank paper and a little peace and quiet in which you will not be disturbed. Then you need to have the clear intention of communicating with the spiritual realms, with a knowledgeable and positive being. When you are ready, think of your intention, close your eyes and enter a peaceful, slightly meditative, state of mind. Then hold the pen lightly, imagining the energy flowing down to you from the universe, from your mind and down to your hand. Allow it move if it wishes and see what comes through.

Though you may get interesting communication on your very first try, you are more likely to get a page of meaningless scribbles, if anything at all. This is quite normal. Keep trying and see how the scribbles develop. After a number of attempts you will know in your gut if this method is for you or not.

In the beginning, if you succeed in writing something automatically, you may find that your own belief in what you have written is wavering. This is a natural consequence of having successfully tricked or disengaged the conscious mind. Since your waking brain was not involved in the process of creating these words, which are before you now on the paper, it is disbelieving of what they are. So, your mind will attempt to fill in the blanks of its own memory, to insert itself in a process of which it was not a part. So, do not be fooled if you begin to doubt that you “did it right.”

Do not doubt the spiritual nature of the information obtained by assuming that you were exerting too much control on the process. It is common to wonder and worry that the information may have actually come from your own mental dribblings and not from a spiritual source. But the reality is that, when you have opened yourself up to the process, then any kind of amazing, and even mundane, information can be conveyed without the engaging of your conscious mind.

Spiritual development and the extra-sense are something rarely acknowledged or talked about in our modern western society, so it is not surprising that we find these things hard to understand or even believe in. But through trial and error you will know what is true for you and you will come to understand your own abilities. That is what being alive in this physical realm is all about.

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