Woodmen Hills Elementary School

School Attendance Information

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year

Dear Families,

Thank you for your continued support of WHES! We are excited to begin another school year focused on quality instruction, meaningful relationships, and high expectations! This year, we are going to focus on student attendance to ensure that every child is receiving the quality education they need and deserve! Please see the information below that highlights some important information. We have also attached further information that may be useful for your family!

We value the strong relationships and commitment from our families. Please communicate with staff regarding attendance concerns and special situations.

We are Tornado Strong!

WHES Administration Team

Attendance Policies and Procedures

School Hours: 8:30 am - 3:40 pm

Students that arrive after 8:30 am are considered "tardy" and students that leave before 3:40 pm are considered "early out". Please call 495-5500 or email whesattendance@d49.org to notify staff of an absence.

Absence and Tardy Procedures:

  • If your child has been (or will be) absent or tardy, please call 495-5500 to let us know. Parents may access this number before, during, and after school hours. If your child is tardy, they must be signed into the office by a parent/guardian prior to going to their classroom. They must obtain a tardy pass to get into class.
  • Students are expected to complete all work missed when they have been absent from school. Academic work may be made up for excused absences through the requests telephoned into the office. Please do not drop by the classroom for makeup work. Although regular attendance is essential to school success, please do not send a child showing symptoms of an illness. Exhibiting symptoms of even the common cold is sufficient reason for keeping a child home since more serious diseases often begin with cold-like symptoms. Precautions greatly assist in controlling communicable diseases at school.

Excusable Absences:

  • absences because of a temporary illness and/or injury
  • students absent due to physical, mental, or emotional disabilities
  • students pursuing a work-study program under the supervision of the school
  • students attending a school-sponsored activity/event
  • students in the custody of court or law enforcement authorities
  • absences determined by school administration to be excusable, such as doctor's appointments or appointments with outside agencies

Unexcused and/or Exessive Absences:

  • 3 unexcused or 7 excused/unexcused absences: a parent phone call and the first letter of concern
  • 5 unexcused or 10 excused/unexcused absences: the second letter of concern and attendance contract (to include intervention for family support)
  • 7 unexcused or 12 excused/unexcused absences: file a notice of noncompliance with the El Paso County Court System
  • 10 unexcused or 14 excused/unexcused absences: file a petition with the El Paso County Court System

Truancy and/or Early Outs:

  • 5 tardies/early outs: a parent phone call and the first letter of concern
  • 10 tardies/early outs: parent conference and attendance contract (to include intervention for family support)

Prearranged Absences:

  • Family vacations during school time are strongly discouraged, as they are counted towards total student absences which may exceed the specified limit and may become unexcused absences. Vacations should be planned for times when school is not in session. Parents are encouraged to follow the district-approved calendar for scheduled breaks.
  • A written request for a prearranged absence should be made at least a period of time equal to the length of time the student will miss school and presented to the school’s administration. For example, a one-day absence would require a one-day notice. All assignments are due prior to the period of absence unless otherwise specified by a teacher.
  • Excused or prearranged absences in excess of the district designated number of allowable absences may become unexcused.

Late Arrivals:

  • If a student arrives after 8:30 am for any reason (at any time of the day), a parent or guardian must walk them to the main entrance to sign them in for the day.

  • Ring the main doorbell for assistance from our office staff.

  • Please provide a reason for the tardy arrival so we can allocate attendance coding accurately.

Early Pick-Ups:

  • If a student must leave class early, please plan ahead and allow at least 5 extra minutes for your child to be called out of class. For security reasons, students will only be called out of class when parents or guardians make their request in-person in the Main Office.
  • Students will not be called out of class for early pick-ups after 3:25 p.m. to ensure students’ safety.

  • For security reasons, all staff members have been instructed NOT to release students from the classroom without notification from the office. For the safety of our students, we will request picture identification from anyone picking up a student early from school. Please notify anyone that may be picking up your child of this procedure. The child must be signed out at the office. The office will then notify the classroom teacher to send the child to the office. The staff at Woodmen Hills Elementary requests that parents make appointments and schedule trips out of town during non-school hours.


  • Parents and guardians are expected to take the responsibility for determining whether it is safe to send their child to school due to severe weather.
  • When the district makes the decision to close school or have a delayed start to the school day due to severe weather, the student will not be penalized for the duration of the closure.
  • Parents or guardians must call or email the school office to notify us of their child’s absence.

Withdrawing Students:

  • If you must withdraw your child from Woodmen Hills, please send a note or call our office as soon as you know you are leaving. Records will be brought up to date and then sent after we receive a record’s request from your child’s new school. On the day your child will withdraw, a parent/guardian should come to the office for final processing. Should you move out of the Woodmen Hills attendance neighborhood, we hope that you will remember your experiences at Woodmen Hills as being positive and rewarding for both you and your child!
Registering Your Child

Our district utilizes a central registration process. We welcome parents who enroll new students and invite them to visit the school’s main office. Enrollment questions specific to Woodmen Hills can be directed to our school registrar at 495-5500.

Additional Attendance Information