Weekly Warrior

Volume 9 Issue 6 March 27th, 2017

Important Dates

March 27th-Science Field Test-Given to All Juniors during 1st/2nd

March 28th-KOSSA Makeups

March 29th-Clubs 8:20 - 8:40-Students without a Club Remain in 1st Block

March 29th-KOSSA Makeups (After Clubs)
March 29th-Heart Chase during 4th/5th Block-Tickets on Sale in Cafeteria for Non-Competing Students to watch the Competition
March 30th-Book Genre Fair

March 30th-Kona Ice Truck-Visits in the Afternoon

March 31st-Growth Day-Administrative Code Training

April 3rd-7th-Spring Break

April 11th-SCC College Signing Banquet (Gear Up)

April 12th-PLC/Program Review Documentation--Switched with Faculty Mtg

April 13th-T3 Midterms Posted by 3:30
April 19th-Statewide ACT Make-up Day

April 19th-Department Meetings

April 21st-Career Fair (During 3rd)

April 26th-Faculty Meeting--Switched with PLC/Program Review

Kagan Day 5 training is scheduled for August 4th, 2017 with lunch on your own. Please bring your white Kagan Book with you to the training.

Book Genre Fair--Thursday, March 30th

The Book Genre Fair is our annual Literacy project--please work with 1 class of your choice from this term (some of you have already done this with a T2 class) and incorporate reading, writing, research, or discussion into the study of your designated genre. Each department will be responsible for at least 1 display or interactive booth showcasing what our students have learned on March 30th.

Book Genre Fair Schedule

1st Block-12th Grade students visit from 8:50 - 9:25

2nd Block-9th Grade students from Drop-Down Divider Wall back to Old Wing visit from 9:35 - 10:05 and 9th Grade students from Drop-Down Divider Wall to New Wing visit from 10:15 - 10:40.

3rd Block-Reserved for visitors/Oak Hill Elementary students

4th Block-All 11th Grade Students visit from 12:35 - 1:10, All 10th Grade Students visit from 1:15 - 1:45

5th Block-Clean Up

Kona Ice

Kona Ice will be here during the afternoon on Thursday, March 30th. Prices and sizes are listed below:




Emoji Key Chain Free with purchase of King Kona Ice.

TELL Survey

The TELL Survey is available from March 1st through March 31st. If you still need a form with an access code to complete the survey, please see Cindy Brainard in room 254.

Success With Higher Standards

Southwestern High School will strive to graduate every student college/career ready and prepared for the 21st century.