---------------------- A Blazing Inferno--------------------

How are wildfires started?

Wildfires can be started in many different ways.


The intensity of a wildfire depends on the vegetation fueling it, the terrain, and the weather. Different fuels release different amounts of heat energy when burned. For example, trees usually burn with more energy than do grass or shrubs. An abundance of trees can therefore fuel an intense forest fire. Terrain, also called topography,affects how a fire spreads. Fire typically moves faster uphill than downhill, because hot air rises. The rising heat ignites fuels up slope. Bodies of water, rocky areas, and roads may slow a wildfire. Air temperature and humidity alter the speed with which fuel burns. Moisture on the ground can slow a wildfire. Also, wind can determine the direction and the rate of a fire’s spread. - WORLD BOOK.

How to prepare.

Make an emergency kit and an escape plan and get smoke detectors. People should also have a radio on hand to signal for help.


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