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February 8th- 12th

What Happened Last Week....

To the tune of "It Ain't Gonna Rain No More," one creative kid floods his world with color, painting first the walls, then the ceiling, then HIMSELF! Before this feisty artist is through, he'll have painted his head, back, hands, legs, feet, and . . . Oh no — here comes Mama! We had fun with our book, I Ain't Gonna Paint No More. The kids enjoyed watching it on the smartboard and singing along. We learned about our 5 Senses, work on counting and rhyming.

What Will Happen This Week....

We will continue our book I Ain't Gonna Paint No More. We will also pretend to paint our body parts with paint brushes as we read the story. We will work on some rhyming words with our book. We are learning our body parts as we paint them.

Matt and Molly

A Gift for Molly

We will read the story and work on answering questions regarding the story! We are working on Large, medium, and small with our Matt and Molly this week. We have three sizes of boxes that fit inside each other.

Ask Your Child:

Here are some questions you can ask your child this week...

  • What do you do with a paintbrush?
  • Identify/label body parts.
  • What do you hear?
  • What is soft, hard, smooth, rough, etc?
  • What is your favorite color to paint with?

Table Time

Monday - Cutting out hearts to make our Valentine bags. Scissor skills and pincers to glue on the parts.

Tuesday - Small groups with our community classroom - Valentine bingo!!

Thursday - MOTOR GROUP- Our occupational and physical therapists will be implementing theme-oriented fine and gross motor activities during this time.

Friday - No School!!

Upcoming Information and Events:

Check out Merrell's Message-a blog done by our Assistant Principal Kristen Merrell

*Thursday, February 11: Playdoh with Parents

*February 12: No School!

*February 15: No School!

*Major Saver Packets were sent home last week: Your child can sell them all this week until February 16, if interested :)

Transportation will be checking coats: Please read the information regarding winter coats and car seat safety-

Important information from the health room: Several brands of children’s cold medication have been recalled due to the dose cup being marked incorrectly which could lead to overdose. More information about which brands are affected can be found here: Please check any cold medication that you may have in the home to find out if it is part of the recall. In addition, do not use the affected dose cup with any other medication. For any questions about the recall, please contact the pharmacy where the medication was purchased.

Lee's Summit R-7 inclement weather closings communications

Lee’s Summit R-7 School District offers a variety of ways to learn about school closings due to inclement weather. After the decision to close school is made, the district will communicate in the following ways:

  • The very first place to learn of snow days is the superintendent’s Twitter, found@DrDavidMcGehee.

  • A recorded telephone call will go to all students’ families as well as staff members via a service known as SchoolMessenger. Families are encouraged to make sure their phone numbers are accurate and to notify their children’s school if there are changes in these numbers.

  • Snow days are shared via R-7 social media, including on R-7 Facebook, found by searching for “Lee’s Summit R-7 School District,” and on Twitter, found via @LSR7.

  • Information is shared in the district’s electronic newsletter. To subscribe, visit

  • The information is posted on the district’s website at

  • School closings are included on the district’s information telephone line at (816) 986-1001.

  • Local media are provided information about school closings. Listen or watch for “Lee’s Summit R-7 School District.”

Through the district’s SchoolMessenger recorded phone service, Lee’s Summit R-7 has the capability to send a recorded telephone message to all families within minutes. This service is used for school closings as well as other communication. If severe weather necessitates that students be sent home early during the school day, these emergency calls would go to up to six phone numbers per student, including home, cell phones and parents' work numbers. If a snow day is called the evening before or during the early morning, this emergency call will go only to students' home phone numbers as well as to all R-7 employees' home numbers. In the case of families with multiple children in the R-7 School District, SchoolMessenger will call the family just one time.

Families have the opportunity to opt out of the SchoolMessenger calls. Please note that if you do opt out of the calls, you will not receive any calls from the district or your child’s school via this service, including snow-day and other emergency notifications.

To update your records, R-7 families may contact their children’s schools. R-7 employees may update their employee records, including phone numbers, via Employee Online on the R-7 staffwebpage.

*LS R-7 parents, community invited to attend Feb. 16 informational session focusing on school district’s Active Shooter / Intruder Response Training

Training for all staff designed to enhance school safety while meeting and exceeding Missouri law

Lee’s Summit R-7 School District parents and community members are invited to an informational session focusing on district-wide emergency-response training being offered to all staff members this year. “School Safety Seminar: Preventing and Responding to Possible Active School Shooters in LSR-7” will be offered from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Feb. 16 at Lee’s Summit North High School, 901 NE Douglas Street.

During the session, Lee’s Summit R-7 staff members and local law enforcement officials will share information about the training, a half-day program offered for each district staff member for the first time this school year. In addition, those attending will hear about programs and strategies used by school staff members to prevent school violence. Parents will also learn more about their role in helping spot potentially dangerous situations and how they would be asked to respond in case of a school lockdown or school emergency.

A similar parent and community session was held Oct. 20 at Lee’s Summit High School.

During the 2015-16 school year, all Lee’s Summit R-7 School District staff members are participating in the Active Shooter / Intruder Response Training (ASIRT) hands-on training. The program, created by Strategos International, has been used successfully by many school districts and other organizations across the nation and within the Kansas City metropolitan area. In addition to providing R-7 staff members with skills and hands-on training, ASIRT meets and exceeds new requirements in Missouri law for this type of training.

The R-7 School District is using a train-the-trainers approach, and staff members are participate in training sessions conducted by R-7 employees, school resource officers and DARE officers who have completed a 40-hour program providing them with the materials and skills to conduct training at schools. Each staff member is completing a four-hour training this school year with a shorter refresher course planned in future years for returning employees.

The ASIRT training sessions for staff members include a presentation as well as practical hands-on training. The sessions are designed to bridge the gap between responding law-enforcement officers and school employees in an active shooter situation. Staff learn principles that can be applied in any scenario, including at a school or a community setting. In addition, the course will provide employees with additional skills related to prevention, reporting and protection of students and staff during the critical moments before law enforcement arrives at a crime scene. Also included is what to expect from officers once they arrive.

The ASIRT training is part of a comprehensive focus on school safety within the R-7 School District that includes emergency response training and drills, school resource and DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) officers, a thorough Emergency Operations Plan, positive working relationships with area law-enforcement and fire departments and a Campus Crime Stoppers Tips Line (816-986-1450).

Below is the link to the Great Beginnings website. Please refer to the calendar for the updated events.

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Fun Sensory Tubs/Activities to Do at Home:

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