Snow Day

Author Billy Collins

Performance by Jazzy Garner

What is one benefit you get from living in the state of unpredictable weather during winter? If your answer was SNOW DAYS, you are a genius! Who wants to go to school when you could sleep in, or you could get wrapped up in your fuzziest blanket while watching your favorite Netflix show. You could also get the crazy idea that you would like to go outside for a walk. As you take your cold and wet journey you notice kids playing around at a park with three little suspicious girls by a fence. You ease drop on them to figure out "which small queen is about to be brought down". That last line was a little salty...But, it was a direct quote from "Snow Day" written by the most enthusiastic man alive Billy Collins. :) The poem is about a cold winter day where most buildings are closed because of the weather, otherwise know as a snow day. A person and their dog goes outside and sees children playing outside and sees a few girls acting and speaking quite suspiciously. Now my next question is, do you want to see the BEST performance of this poem ever? Of course you would!
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