Samples, Samples, & More Samples!

First Come, First Serve!

Below are the samples I am selling (email me for the price). It is hard to say goodbye (there are some AMAZING pieces here) but I must make room for the new line or my house could become condemned for hoarding jewelry!!!

If you see a piece you like please email me or contact me asap. The pieces are first come first serve. I will send you a paypal invoice where you can just pay me online. I will mail pieces anywhere in the US for $3 shipping. Stock up on gifts or treat yourself to something you've had your eye on all season long.

Remember these are samples and have been gently worn and do not qualify for our delight guarantee. All are AWESOME deals!


Erica Nicholson
Lead Stylist, Stella and Dot
Phone: 813-334-4900

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