My Personality

By: Garrett Weaver

I am a INTP (Thinker)

I am a very internal person. I have a introverted personality. I like to think about things a lot. I also always like to find an answer to a problem and if I dont it bothers me for days
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Think of all the possibilities.

In most situations I think of tons of outcomes that could happen. I like imagine every single possibility and then the outcomes from that. Some of these outcomes are not always the most realistic (like my football teaming coming back to win in the fourth quarter, or having a snow day when the roads are clear) but I still always like to imagine how every outcome would play-out in my head


I like to be alone and think. Im not against being social, I love to hang out with my friends and to all that stuff, I just don't find that to be the most relaxing thing. When you are around people you have to fallow all these rules and hold a conversation. But when your by yourself you can just put on some headphones and think, you don't have to worry about anybody else but yourself. I like to hangout with people but I really relax when im by myself
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A weakness

Being an INTP does come a few "flaws" I don't always think about how my behavior will be perceived by other people. I sometimes come off as rude and not caring to people. This is not true I do think about how what I do will affect the emotions of others but that side does not always show.
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