I CAN Be An Entrepreneur

By Alex K. Ho

Entrepreneurship IS Appealing to Me Because..

I want a vision that I can work towards achieving, and having people work under me. I'd rather work for myself than work for someone else. I want to be in control of everything concerning my business or product, really have a voice in the future of what I start because I started it. I want to be my own boss really.

I HAVE Many of the Characteristics and Skills that are Essential to Entrepreneurs Such As

I am determined in what I set my sights on. I think I can talk and socialize with people decently, so I can network. I do not really have knowledge on business and industry, but I am willing to learn which I think is an important attribute, being open minded.

I CAN Have a Successful Business That..

I want to create a product to make everyone's lives easier, a simple yet innovate product no one else has thought of that. So enigmatic, that I have yet to discover it myself.