Technology in Teaching

The Role of Technology in the Classroom

Enduring Understanding

The learner will explore and determine ways technology can be effectively integrated into curriculum and instruction in education and lifelong learning.

Why Integrate Technology in the Classroom?

Read this Internet article and record your thoughts and examples of technology integration in the classroom.

An Introduction to Technology in Education

View the video and write down examples of technology integration.

Prompting Questions for the Technology Article and Video

  1. Per the article, what four key components of learning must be supported in effective technology integration across the curriculum?
  2. How can technology change the way teachers teach?
  3. How can technology change the ways students learn?
  4. How can technology enhance the relationship between the teacher and student?
  5. What are specific examples of technology integration presented in each video?

Benefits of Technology in Schools

According to information from the EdTech Action Network, there are seven benefits of technology in schools. View the presentation to find this information.