The Warriors Heart

by Eric Gretiens

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Character: Eric (True Story)

Eric is like one of not very many people i know. He is a very hard worker that if he wants to do something he will do anything to be able to do it! He in such a small time frame has completed very man tasks and done more than what most will do in there life time, and does most of it for other people.


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Eric Greitens tells of his adventures in life helping the less fortunate while trying to persuade the reader to choose such a path. He tells of refuges in Rwanda and Croatia. He takes photographs to share there suffering.


After becoming a Rhode Scholar at Oxford, and excelling in boxing he realizes that he wants to protect those in need and become a Navy Seal. He believed it takes people with courage to protect those in need of protection.

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He survived through mentally and physically demanding training, BUD SEAL. He passes and became a navy seal.


The setting of the book changed many times, from where he was raise to all the places he traveled, st Louis, Florida, Rwanda, and many more
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Eric, narrates the story of his life and often asked the reader to put there selves in his shoes. He is an average kid, travels the world, a humanitarian,educated, int he military and always gives his all.


Item 1

I think he would bring his camera because he brings it alot of places and he says that pictures can express way more than words can.

Item 2

Another thing i think he would bring is a extra film canister in case his film was taken away again.

Item 3

Lastly i think he would take a first aid kit, i think this because when he realized that simple first aid could have saved many lives.