Downside of Digital Communication



Fraud is a deception intended to lead to financial and personal gain for oneself. Also, it puts the victim in a bad financial situation and can lead to more problems later.
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An explanation of how fraud appears: you plan on getting one thing, and in return receive something that was unexpected and not what you wanted. For example, lets say that a man orders a new skateboard online for a decent price. When the order arrives to his house, he opens the box and finds only wheels. This is an example of fraud because one person was benefited, and the other was harmed between the interaction. Likewise, receiving a fake email that asks for personal information is another example of fraud. It allows others access to your own information that they can now use for anything.
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How to avoid Fraud

First of all, you can easily avoid fraud by simply not replying to emails that are asking for personal information about yourself. Also, using common sense is critical as well to avoid fraud. If you find something that seems to good to be true, you are probably correct. Don't purchase anything that seems odd or different, because often, it is there to scam you and your money. Lastly, researching information on institutions can save you a lot of trouble. Finding comments about a product can show you how it has helped or troubled others who have previously purchased it.