KHMS Library Flight Plan

Nov 2021

Wednesday 8:15-3:45

Thursday 8:15-4:15

Friday 8:15-11:00

** open before school at 7:30 for students with money only **

October Lessons in the Library

Collaborative Opportunities Available

Digital Spotlight

Are you looking for a resource to support students with reading difficulties?

Learning Ally is provided by the state to provide free audiobooks for students that qualify. Students do not need to have an official SpEd label or even 504 label, if they are struggling with reading success... we can qualify them!

All teachers should have access to Learning Ally in your Classlink portal. If you are unable to access your account, reach out & we will get you connected. If you would like more information about this useful resource, please let me know!


Access to Age-Appropriate Resources in Classlink

Steer your students to age-appropriate, authentic, vetted digital resources for school assignments.

Each student has access to TexQuest resources through their Classlink portal > Library Applications > TexQuest Databases. This includes:

  • Britannica Encyclopedia - in both English and Spanish
  • EBSCO eBooks
  • Learn 360 (videos +)
  • National Geographic Kids
  • SIRS Discoverer (magazines, reference materials, newspapers, research topics that include controversial issues, and more)
  • Gale MIddle School (topic collections, academic journals, magazines, news, videos, and more)
  • Learning Express (practice tests and study skills)

These resources may ask for a password on initial login - but Classlink should remember it once used initially.

Username: judsonisd

Password: library21!

Access code: j015916

I'm happy to schedule a mini lesson with your students to help them get set up!

REMINDER: Link Up with the Library

Library Canvas Class

Please encourage ALL of your students to join the KHMS Library class in Canvas.

We will use this class to share reading challenges and contests, provide fun choice boards and learning opportunities, and to communicate with students regarding books they have put on hold, etc.

Please share this link with students to join our library class:

Or they can sign up at and use the following join code: FCEGNH

KHMS Library

Do you do reptiles? This is Mrs. Howk with Bluebell, her son's bearded dragon. Bluebell is full of personality - following your voice as you talk to her, watching movies with us, and exploring wherever we let her roam. Hopefully Bluebell will make a visit to Kitty Hawk soon!

Thank you for checking out the KHMS Flight Plan

We look forward to serving you & collaborating in 2021-2022

If you made it this far & schedule a new class lesson - email me your favorite Sonic drink - we will deliver!

Wendy Howk, Librarian

Ms. Perez, Library Assistant