Stay Connected

How you can keep up-to-date with the happenings of 7/8D

Remind 101

Want to know when students should be bringing stuff home? Want to know about important school events and days? If so, think about signing up for Remind 101. Remind 101 is a platform that allows you to recieve notifications that are sent by me. You can sign up by phone or with email. In this process there is no exchange of phone numbers. It is quick and efficient. If you are interested please see instructions on reverse side.

Classroom Website

Our classroom website is You can check here to see what our class has been up to. I'll post questions you can ask at home as a way to get your son/daughter to talk about their day. It also includes a link called Daily Rewind which brings you to a brief summary of what we did in each class each day.

Classroom Blog

Within three next month our class will be launching our blogs. This will make up a portion of students writing for this year. Each student will eventually have their own blog which they add to and maintain through the year. Our blog will be one way to connect with classes from around the world. Our blog site is:


Students have started using Edmodo as a platform for all of our courses. This how they will access files and links, engage in online discussions within our group, summarize their findings, and submit assignments. For each Edmodo group that students are a part of, there is a parent page attached. If any parents are interested I can provide you with this information. When parents sign up (and are given the appropriate code) they are automatically able to observe any Group that their child is a part of. So if any of you are curious email and I can get your sign up instructions.

Leaving Our Mark