Civano Community School

February 18, 2020

Parent Surveys...

As per VSD’s mission statement, we exist to ". . . PROVIDE PARENTS WITH SAFE AND



Please let us know how we are doing by completing this brief survey (it will only take 2 to 4


If you would prefer a paper copy, please stop by the office to pick one up to complete and submit.

We take these surveys very seriously. Each year we compare results to the results of prior

years and look for trends in improvement and areas that need attention. We carefully read

every comment and study results with the Vail Governing Board.

We also use the results for both teacher and administrative evaluations.

Please help us help you by providing the quality responses needed to make the

results meaningful. The survey is open through 5:00 pm on Friday, February 28, 2020.

Drama and Music Moment...

THANK YOU to everyone in our Civano school family who came out and supported us at the

“Vail Pride Day Finale Parade.” There was a FUN time enjoyed by those who walked and sang with us along the parade route. We now know what to expect and what we can plan for next year.

In February our Drama and Music program is moving forward with A LOVE for LEARNING. We think Drama and Music brings an added SWEETNESS to Civano. Please be sure to ask your students what they have learned in class every Tuesday after school. We have some EXCITING learning coming their way I believe they will ENJOY! Thanks for your support.

Dramatically & Musically Yours,

Ms. Carolyn Trejo

Drama & Music Specialist

Civano Community School

“Music Makes the Heart SMILE!”

Moms' Night Out... a CPA fundraiser!

<< Saturday, May 2 >>

A wonderful evening of theater and time with your fifty percent of the ticket price will go directly to the Civano Parent Association.

Share this event with all the awesome women in your life and reserve your seats through the CPA website:

Lost & Found...Final Notice for 2nd Quarter!!

If your child is missing a jacket or a t-shirt or a shoe (!) ~~ PLEASE take a look in the lost and found laundry basket that's located near the lego table on the lower school campus. We will donate any remaining items when we break for Rodeo next week! Thank You!

February/March Kitchen Volunteers...

We have a few slots remaining for February and March kitchen volunteers.

Please take a look -- and THANK YOU for the wonderful support you've shown us this year!



School Calendar....

You can find the Civano Family Calendar on our website or click HERE.

Feb 20 & 21 -- Rodeo Break; No School

Feb 25 -- Backpacking info night at 6:00 pm for 8th grade parents

Feb 26 -- Lottery for 20-21 Enrollment 3:15pm

March 4 - Los Espookys Backpack Practice

March 5 - Carb Cult Backpack Practice

March 7 - 22 -- SPRING BREAK; No School

April 1 - Grades 2-5 AZM2 Writing Test

April 2 - Grades 6-8 AZMS Writing Test

April 6 - AIMS Science Test Grades 4 & 8

April 8 - AZM2 Math & Reading, Part 1, Grades 6-8

April 9 - AZM2 Math & Reading, Part 2, Grades 6-8

April 10 - NO SCHOOL

April 14 - AZM2 Math, Part 1, Grades 3-5

April 15 - AZM2 Math, Part 2, Grades 3-5

April 16 - AZM2 Reading, Part 1, Grades 3-5

April 17 - AZM2 Reading, Part 2, Grades 3-5

April 16 - 18 -- 8th Grade Backpacking Trip

April 24 - Field Day

April 30 - Big Switch, 9:30am - 11:00am