By: Natalia Perales

Baby Info..

  • Name: Adelaide Beckham
  • Date: October 15, 2015
  • Age: 1 month
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My partner is David Beckham, we met I was at one of his soccer games.
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I found out I was pregnant when i started to feel sick and very tired. I decided to go to the doctor and get a DNA test and that's how I found I was pregnant it was definitely a surprise.


My pregnancy went by very smoothly, thankfully there was no complications.
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I went into labor on October 15 at 11:45 am and I was in labor for 1 hour and the baby was born t 12:45 pm.
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Holding her...

The first time holding my baby was overwhelming, nothing could compare the feeling to finally seeing and holding your baby.
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I personally don't think I would want a second baby because I wanna enjoy my first one but maybe in the future.

First Day and Night..

The first day with my baby was a bit hectic because, everyone wanted to see and I had things to carry. During the night it was a bit easier she was sleeping most of the time but had to be fed two times during the night I changed her once, and slept after all that.


My husband and I had an argument about where the baby should sleep, I said that we should leave it in it's crib so it can get used to being independent but he wanted it to be with us in bed. This is because then if she gets used to sleeping with us she'll be like that for a long time, we came to a conclusion and decided to have her in the room but in her crib.


Lack of sleep: new parents face lack of sleep

new arguments: these parents will fight for the pressure put on them.

Jealousy: the parent might get jealous of one another from the attention the baby is getting.


1.) carrying the baby was exciting at first but at the end of the day the first day I was tired, sometimes I felt stressed out but it was fun.

2.) the reactions of people around me were different. My mom was super excited and also my dad but, when other people saw me carrying it they would stare and they probably thought it was a real baby.

3.)The thing i liked the most was being able to take care and make the baby. My least favorite part was having to take it everywhere.

4.) the hardest part of this project was taking the baby everywhere and having to carry it.