Gergor Mendel

The first to figure out genetics

Early Years

In Mendel's early years his success were he was the first to figure out genetics and Mendel joined a religious community. Some of Mendel's struggles in his early years were his parents did not have enough money for school, another struggle he had was he could find a job in the science field so he returned home to his parents farm.

Experimental design

Mendel investigated heredity using pea plants and learned about hybrid plants by observing characteristics some facts that he got from his research was new species can appear in the form of hybrids also Mendel found that heredity involved the male and the female to happen.

Mendel's DATA

some data that Mendel found through his studies is that round seeds are dominant and he also found that yellow pods are recessive. Another thing Mendel found is long stems are dominant. So his data shows that round seeds are more dominant than angular seeds also that green pods are recessive and yellow pods are dominant which means that long stems are dominant and short ones are recessive.

Reactions towards Mendel's work

They didn't believe that his work was real they thought that he was a fake and a crazy person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mendel's work shows that dominant plant genes are higher than recessive genes


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