2016-17 - Welcome Back!

LDMS Campus Overview

Flippin' Faculty Meetings

To expedite the transfer of information, we're going yo try flippin' faculty meetings.

We'll send out the information two days before. You're responsible for going over the information & providing feedback BEFORE the meet.

Then our meetings will be quickerand reserved for clarifying information and sharing breakfast!

Staff Directory Homework

Before you report to our first campus meeting, find your slide in the LDMS Staff Directory slide presentation and add the following:

  • your name
  • teaching assignment
  • extra duties & organizations that you sponsor
  • something interesting about you i.e. family, hobbies, talents, etc ...

Click here to access the LDMS Staff Directory, find your slide, & complete your assignment.

The Effect of Praise and Mindsets

Carol Dweck - A Study on Praise and Mindsets