Online Advertising

Sports Marketing

Banner Ads

Ad where you click on it and it will take you to the ads website.

Pop-Up Front/Under Ads

Ads that come up when you open up a new tab or window.

Example: Ad for a football game pops up when you go to

Floating Ads

Ad that moves across screen
Example: Could be a game.

Fash Ads

Ads that light up and are "flashy"
Example: Could be a game ad

Rich Media Ads

Ads that are videos and change when you go to click on them.
Example: Could be a commercial for a new movie.


Games that have ads
Example: Could be an ad that you have when you use apps

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages- Cost Effectiveness, Tracking Capabilities, and International/Worldwide Opportunities.
Disadvantages- Consumers may ignore the message, some ads may be very expensive, and viewing problems.