Lenox Elementary

Family Newsletter-September 2018

Greetings Families,

We have had such a wonderful and smooth start to our school year. We are already a month in to school and amazing instruction and fun activities are underway. I am getting an opportunity to go around to all of the classrooms and read the story, The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds and do a watercolor project with everyone. I have a few classes left. Be looking for these artistic dots around the school. We learned that everyone is an artist! I love being able to engage with our students and build great relationships with them. Our 6th graders are off to Outdoor School next week, the Garden Club is taking advantage of the sunny days and enjoying their time gardening, and we are excited for our Color Me Fun Run next Friday!

Thank you for all you do to partner with us to set up your children for success at school!


Mrs. Gina McLain

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Mon., Oct. 1st--Booster Club Mtg. 7:00 PM in the Lenox library
  • Thurs., Oct. 4th--College Wear Day: wear your college gear the first Thursday of every month!
  • Fri., Oct. 5th--Lenox Laps: Color Me Fun Run. If interested in volunteering, please visit the Lenox Booster Club website .
  • Wed., Oct. 10th--Annual Bulb Planting: please send in a bulb for your child to plant on our school grounds. If you are able to send in more than one, please do! Much appreciated!
  • Thurs., Oct. 11--No School – Staff Development and Work Day
  • Fri., Oct. 12--No School – Statewide Inservice/Non-Contract Day for Staff
  • Fri., Nov. 2--No School--Teacher Work Day and Conference Prep

Lenox and District Guidelines and Policies

  • Personal Items: Toys, electronic devices, trading cards, or other similar personal items are best left at home, unless they are being used as part of an approved school or classroom activity. All electronic sound or communication devices such as pagers, cell phones, MP3 players, iPods, and games may be brought to school but cannot be used during the school day unless they are given permission to do so by a staff member. The school does not take responsibility for electronic devices that are damaged or stolen. We strongly encourage parents and students to make sure these items are not at school.
  • Cell phone and personal tech devices: Lenox's student cell phone/personal tech devices policy is easy to remember: Off/silenced and in backpacks while at school. Once students enter the building, all cell phones and/or personal tech devices (smart watches, etc.) need to be off/silenced and kept in backpacks. If you need to get a hold of your child, please call the main office 503-844-1360 and we will get a message to your child. If a student does not follow this policy, these are the actions that will be taken-- 1st offense: staff member reminds student about policy and student puts it away. If student does not comply, a Problem Solver will be given. 2nd offense: phone/tech device is given to the principal and will remain in the office until a parent can come pick it up. Possible Problem Solver given. Continued offenses: student will not be allowed to bring the device to school. We strongly encourage parents and students to make sure these items are not at school.
  • Supervision: Adult supervision is provided to students during regular school hours, while traveling on District-provided vehicles to and from school, and while engaged in District-sponsored activities. Such supervision does not include early morning or the time following usual student departure unless the students are present for a scheduled activity. Supervised hours at Lenox are 7:15-2:05. For the safety of your child, do not leave your child unattended before 7:15 AM. Students must be supervised by a parent/guardian or other adult (specifically designated by the parent/guardian) before 7:15 and after 2:05, which includes inside and outside of the building.
  • Visiting Lenox: Parents are welcome in all of our schools and are encouraged to assist in their child’s educational experience. Arrangements for visits will be made with teachers in advance so that teachers can plan for their visit. All visitors must check in at the school office when entering the building, pick up a nametag, and sign in so we are aware of who is in the building. Parents and adults who plan to volunteer in the school must complete the volunteer background check prior to their volunteer experience. We request that visitors not talk with children or teachers during instructional time. If necessary, your child may be called to the school office to confer with you. Children not enrolled in our schools may not visit friends or relatives in our classrooms. If there are court-ordered restrictions on student contact with a non-custodial parent, custodial parents are responsible for providing the school office with copies of the current court documents. As the principal is responsible for maintaining a safe and optimal learning environment, she has the right to make decisions regarding time and location of visitors and volunteers.
  • Walking students to class: We encourage parents to help us promote independence for our students. Please consider saying goodbye to your child at the front door or in the lobby upon arriving to school. If you decide to walk your child in, please remember that at 7:35 all students are exiting the gym. Please allow the classes to get down the hallway to their class first, then continue to your child's classroom. Our hallways can get pretty congested, so we thank you for your understanding!

District Elementary Handbook

For more information regarding policies and procedures for our elementary schools, please click on this link Elementary Parent/Student Handbook

Important Info & Reminders

Booster Club Information

Have you visited the Lenox Booster Club Website? Here is the link. This is the place to go for info regarding all Booster events, activities, and news. Make sure to register so that you receive updates and emails for all things Booster Club!

For more information about Booster Events, please click on the links below:


Don't forget that if you would like to volunteer in the classroom, for school events, field trips, etc. you need to fill out the district volunteer application. Please do this as soon as possible so you are cleared to volunteer.