Weekly Bulletin September 29-October 4

BREAKING NEWS!!! Kosub Saves Children from Copperhead Snake

On Friday, Tony killed a copperhead snake trying to enter the building. Since he did not have an instrument to kill it, he used his boots instead. Thank you Mr. Kosub for saving the staff and children and making FMS a great and a safe place to work at.
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Additional time is always something we want each day. We want more time to teach a lesson or Unit, more time to work on lesson plans, time to grade papers, and even more time to spend the evenings and weekends with family. If I had a way to give you all the TIME you needed, I would, but unfortunately I can't. I hope that the staff development on Wednesday gave you all some time to catch up on curriculum planning. But I believe that it does not matter how much time is given there is never enough of it. So the best anyone can do is to use their time wisely and making sure that planning is occurring at every opportunity of their conference time.

We had many activities this past week and all of them were a great success. Thank you to Crystal Trinidad for organizing the pep rally. I know the students, especially the 6th grade students, will be ready to win that spirit stick.

Thank you to Rhonda Bourland and Melissa Pfeil and the AVID Committee for the the AVID Kick-Off. There were about 60 parents and students that came. Patrick Briggs, the Texas AVID Coordinator, came to visit the school on Tuesday and spoke at the kick-off to the parents. Mr. Briggs even tweeted about FMS. (pic below.)

The door decorating contest was a success. Congratulation to the winners(see pics.).

Enjoy your weekend!

PLC's and CWT's

PLC: This week in PLC: ELAR: Entering AIMS Web information

Other Core content will either complete Analyzing the Standard or work on their FTM


Round 2 of CWT's:

Ms. Morgan, Mrs. Gastauer and Mrs. McCool: 8th grade students used calculators where all kids worked the problems and the teacher knew how everyone answered with a new cool software. Misconceptions were clarified immediately. The use of the TI Calculators is new to math students and teachers this school year.

Rhonda Bourland (8th grade AVID): Students are learning to use the Tutoring Request Form. The students led the classroom discussion with Mrs. Bourland acting as a facilitator guiding the questions and discussion. All students were required to bring topics and questions from their Cornell Notes that they are struggling with in their other classes. They wrote these on the promethean board as their Point of Confusion along with what they know about the topic. The student's classmates asked questions to help guide the student in understanding what he/she doesn't know.

7th and 8th grade Science Teachers(Kirtland, Pena, Tieken, Hutzler, Penlerick): After taking the unit test, students were required to analyze their own test to determine what specific SEs they needed help with and why they missed the question. Students used a form that listed all the SEs from their test along with which questions went with each SE. They calculated their percentage correct for each SE, color-coded it (green, yellow, and red) and then listed at the bottom of the page what SEs they need to work on. The teacher will then use that information to determine what interventions need to occur and how to group students based on their needs. Quote from Mr. Hutzler's students on this process: "We're correcting our test. First we cross off the questions we missed(student points to question analysis activity sheet.) Then we figure out the number correct. Then I write the SE at the bottom as the standard that I need to work on". (Blue is Jane's favorite color.)

Mrs. Stephanie Kirtland assisted by Mrs. Murphy had students review the periodic table by recreating a life size table.(see pic).

Fundamental 5

We saw some great Lesson Frames from the departments. Thank you to Charlott for working with the elective teachers to help them write their lesson frames. At the next staff development of October 13 we will focus on FSGPT.

RTI/Pride Interventions Changes

The AIMS Web was administered to all 6th-8th grade students this past week. As soon as the scores are uploaded, Tier 2 interventions will begin on October 7th based on that information. Interventions for Math and students who did not get into enrichment courses will start at the same time. What this means for every Pride teacher is that students will be moved out or in Pride classes of teachers not helping with interventions. So when this begins, the prides students of Monday and Wednesday will be different than the students on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays. The Pride classes may also be larger. Just remember that Pride is how we support our most fragile students. (Marcia's favorite color is purple.)


DEAR TIME: Do not forget that the last 12 minutes of 5th period class should be used for Drop Everything and Read. If you have not started, you need to start now. Our goal year this year 2.5 million minutes!

Faculty Meeting: There is a faculty meeting on October 1. The counselors will present information on signs of child abuse and how to report it.

Assembly: As part of Rachel's Challenge, there will be an assembly presented by Team Impact on Friday, October 3 at 9:15. On Friday we will wear the Rachel's Challenge shirt instead of Wednesday. So, I moved the days around of which shirt to wear with your Jeans this week. (See calendar above.)

Grades: Progress Report Cards will be due October 6th and then two weeks later Report Grades will be due. So, make sure you are entering grades in a timely fashion and notifying parents if students are failing.

Staff Member-Spotlight of the Week: Brady Palacios

From a staff member: Thank you for helping me with my PRIDE class while I have been out. You have been a wonderful addition to our staff.

See Mrs. Flores for a special snack. You also get to park in the reserved parking space.(take turns!) To nominate a Staff Member for Spotlight of the Week email a Cross the Line Form to Mrs. Gonzales

Quote of the Week

"To ensure that your work is also a play, I recommend that you develop a personal mission statement. This will help you find what it is to enjoy so much that you lose track of time when you're doing it." -- Ken Blanchard


Monday, September 29

Tuesday, September 30

Fall Band Concert 7pm-8pm

Wednesday, October 1

Spirit day/Jeans

Staff Meeting 7:20 AM

Thursday, October 2

College Day/Jeans

Cam and Peanut are the names of Marcia's dogs

Jaguar Volleyball vs. Leal

7th Away/7th Grade Home 5pm/6pm (see Jo Ann for concession)

Friday, October 3

Rachel's Challenge/Jean

Team Impact Assembly 9:15AM

Special Pop Forms Due

Saturday, October 4

Tiger Football vs. Leal

8th Grade Away/7th Grade Home

9:30/10:30am Eschenburg Stadium

Dates to Remember

October 6

Progress Report Grades due 8am

October 7

Progress Report Cards Go Home

October 13

Student Holiday/Staff Development

October 14-16

Checkpoint Assessments

October 17

End of 1st Quarter

Band Fundraiser

October 20

Report Card Grades Due


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