Root Division Propagation

How to grow new plants through root division


  • Soil with high oxygen (has perlite, pebbles, etc. for air pockets)
  • Water
  • A plant that reproduces by root division (clumping perennials like daylilies or daisies)
  • Correct environment for the plant type (soil, humidity, water amount)
  • Garden spade
  • A knife or garden fork, if the roots are thick.

Step 1

Remove plant with a spade, and get as many roots as possible. Wash off the roots a bit so you can see where to divide: such as between major stems. Some have a central root, and some have almost no pattern. Depending on the thickness of the roots, supplies vary for the next step.

Step 2

Using your hands, a garden fork, or a knife of sorts depending on the size of the roots, divide the plant along the fleshy core, or by chunks of stem clusters. Don't divide too many sections or too often. Segments with part of the core of the plant recover the fastest.

Step 3

Plant them immediately, and make sure you have a water supply to wet the roots in before planting. Take proper care of the plant depending on it's species as it grows.