Pets Safari Nepal

Pets Inhere For U!!

One roof choices of pet.

This is a lovely place to pick up your pet supplies, though it is a bit fancier than the usual Pet Lover's Centers. with that said, it is a bit more expensive. It is decorated pretty creatively as a safari which is cute, but doesn't add much value.

It is a huge space that also has a grooming center and vet services which is great and the staff here is always friendly.

I just wish that this place was located in an area that was more friendly to get to. It isn't located in the most central location - both in the mall and in the island.

There are a whole range of products for all kinds of animals, from pet food to decorations for the homes of the animals, dog leash and much more.

When to visit?

Opening Hours :

Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Call for home services :

Pet lover's under a roof

The Pet Safari Nepal is dedicated to all the pet lovers around for all kinds of pet they wish.With a comprehensive range of pet-related products and pets,the store promise ultimate shopping experience for the pet lovers with spacious environment,widest choice of products and excellent services,
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