About Me

My names Seth, I'm 14 years old and my birthday is march 24th, 2000. My favourite artist is Eminem. I never go a day without listening to his music. I live in Barrie, Ontario, and play hockey, baseball, soccer, and skiing. The best colour ever is teal and I could live the rest of my life by just eating bacon.


One thing I couldn't go a day without is my phone, because I talk to too many people to ever put it down. Another is gum but sadly someone made up the rule that we weren't aloud to chew it in class. So I wait a long 6 hours to chew it again every day. I also don't think I could ever go vegetarian because I wouldn't be able to live without bacon, it's the best creation on earth and I love it more than anyone.

Core Values

One core value i have is my family, i think i wouldnt know what to do if i ever lost a member. Sadly when i was just 5 years old my mom was diagnosed with my sister, and its been in our lives ever since. Another is my friends, because ive always had friends i dont really know what its like to be alone, and im scared to lose them and find out.

Customs and Traditions

My family tradition is watching The Walking Dead every Sunday night, obviously not my sisters, but my mom, stepdad and I have watched it since it started. My mom has to complain how disturbing it is every time we watch it. One custom we have it every Christmas we go to my aunts house for the night, and it's usually extremely boring, but it's worth it because they make good turkey.


My whole family speaks English, and most of us suck at speaking French or learning it, so I guess that's where I get it from. My mom is the only person who is alright at it and even she isn't very good. When texting me and my mom are the only ones who use slang, and the rest of my family is boring.