The Walk On

By John Feinstein

Genre: Sports Fiction

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Don't miss the fun, just catch it

"Everyone put their arms in. 'One, two, three- state champions!'" The Chester Height Lions' football team are ready for action so get ready to come to the state championship. To all of high school football fans, get ready to see the most intense football game ever! The Chester Heights Lions will face the defending state champions Beaver Falls. High school football fans, we all know that these are the future college and NFL athletes and these two teams are the best of the best. This is a high-stake and high-pressure football game. It is worth the trip to come and watch players make plays like NFL stars! It is fun to see future NFL stars play against each other. A lot of hidden stars may rise by making a huge play. People do not know what will happen when the game is on the line. You fans can not miss the fun so catch a plane and come.