The Fire Next TIme

BY Lauren Gratzke ,and James Reynolds

Main Arguments

1) Racial inferiority: Through out this passage James Baldwin tries to point out and highlight the damage this ideality harms both the black and white community, and that it is important for the black community during that time to realize that they are not inferior

to their white brothers

2) Religion: in this passage Baldwin highlight how church it a much needed staple in the black community but he also highlight the corruption and hypocrisy that occurs through out.

3) Accepting Ones History: This passage ultimately works to get readers to understand not only the importance of accepting you for the way you are but also for accepting where you come from and that it shouldn't be a source for shame but one to learn and grow

Francis Chan - "Fighting Hypocrisy in the Church"

Hypocrisy In the Church

This Video connects to the fire next time because it highlights an issues that Baldwin had with the church that it often ignored the issues inside the church while criticizing and not helping does not in the church
Dark Girls - Trailer

Black Inferiority COmplex

This video addresses the long history of skin color and how many African American believe that their skin color makes them less than a topic Baldwin brings in the book
Learn To Accept Your Past | IAMRUBY

Accepting Your Past

In this video Ruby talks about how not accepting your past as a part of who you are can cause major negative affects on your life the first step to being a better person was to accept the past and learn from it

Rhetorical Devices

1) Allusion

Allusion play an important role throughout this passage and Baldwin often uses them to highlight similarities between the two subjects he talks about for example

"They were not so far [...] a more deadly struggle had began" ( Baldwin 37)

2) Didactic

Are very important in The Fire Next TIme and are often use often clear up an argument or to offer deeper insight on a topic Baldwin is talking about

"How can one however dream of power in any other terms than in the symbol of power: (Baldwin 80).

3) Diction:

Baldwin utilizes diction to give new meaning to words

" You must 9 [...] The Very Word begins to have a despairing and diabolical ring" (Baldwin 54).