A Fit Way To Connect With Others

What is Fitocracy?

Fitocracy is both a website and app that helps motivate you to get fit by giving you points whenever you log in exercise. When you earn enough points you advance to the next level. Fitocracy also allows you to connect with others who have similar fitness goals in order to provide support.

What features does Fitocracy offer?

Fitocracy offers many features to motivate people to get fit. Among these features is the ability to track your exercise, a blog that offers articles and advice about getting fit, and a way to connect with others about getting fit. One of my favorite features is how, when you track your exercise using this website, you receive points. This feature makes fitness seem more like a game and less like something that you have to do in order to be healthy.
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Is Fitocracy user friendly?

For the most part Fitocracy is user friendly; the first time you use the app or website it gives you a clear tour through many parts of the website. However, some parts of the website, including the "Knowledge" blog are not included in this tour and it can be a little challenging to figure out how to use these features correctly.

Is Fitocracy visually appealing?

Overall the Fitocracy website offers a modern design with creative design elements that enhance users experience.

What about Fitocracy isn't so great?

Fitocracy is always pushing you to connect with others so if you are not the type of person that loves social media this may not be your favorite fitness app and website. Also, while Fitocracy does not require you to share personal information, it does strongly encourage it. In fact, the set up process on Fitocracy is not considered complete until you add your age, height, gender, weight and bio into your account settings.