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Hello Sunshine!

How to Earn Hello Sunshine 2016! The waiting is over! It's time to wear Shades!

It’s a New Year with New Possibilities! And from Jan 7th-31st you can get your hands on an item from one of our NEW product categories - a pair of Stella & Dot sunglasses launching with our Summer 2016 Collection in April! Don’t miss out – be one of the first to say HELLO SUNSHINE when you get your hands on a pair of these beauties!

EARN IT: Sell 1,500 PQV between January 7th – 31st, 2016, you win!

REWARD: Parker Sunglasses in Tortoise

2 more days to win three gifts below from me! THIS IS EASY! Sparkle and Shine FLASH INCENTIVE! Win 3 prizes from me! Complete by FRIDAY the 8th at 11:59pm TO WIN!

I love a little sparkle and something cute to remind me of my goals and to remind me I can do anything I set my mind too, and so can you! I'd love to give away three cute sparkly gifts this week to those that are as excited about 2016 as I am! I have a Dream,Imagine,Believe sign for your home or office, A luggage tag set and passport cover to help remind you of all the places you will be going this year, and a Jewelry tray with the words "She believed she could and she did". VERY simple ways to win!

1) DECLARE your 2016 Q1 goal !

This could be a financial goal, amount you want to sell, or maybe a promotion you want to achieve in Q1! Share it with a picture of you holding up a piece of paper of your goal and post on our Stellar Dots facebook page ( and please tag me to be entered to win!

2) Register TODAY for Bay Area bootcamp training on Sat Jan 9th in Santa Clara!

Post in our facebook team page that you are registered and you are entered to win! Please also tag me to be entered to win. This training is for everyone, but is especially important for new Stylists or those who have taken time off. You will get a gift of Jewelry when you attend, but you will be giving yourself a bigger gift of investing time into your business and helping yourself have your best year yet. You will also get to meet our tribe of women and connect with other local stylists and leave with new friends and all the tools you need to succeed in 2016! Registration is almost full! Sign up here

3) Create your 2016 WHO DO YOU KNOW list!

This is so easy and so important for your success in 2016. Simply create a list of at least 50 people you are going to contact in January to share our sponsoring special and invite them to be part of your team. If they are not interested, offer to do a trunk show for them and at least gift them some of our new collection with our hostess rewards. To be entered to win, simeple create your list, post a pic of it (first names are fine) and tag me on the stellar dots page! ( )This will put you one step ahead of what you need to do to start January strong....and you might just win something!
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Welcome to 2016! Welcome to a new year to Sparkle and shine and spread more joy!

Congratulations for all you accomplished in 2015! I love the beginning of a fresh new year. A time to reflect on all we have accomplished and all that we are grateful for. I also love this time to set goals, and then put a plan in place to reach them. So many of the promotions and bonuses earned in 2015 started off with a goal and then a plan to reach their goal. Many of our team promotions started with goal setting in January at Bootcamp and a determination to never give up. Many of the stylists on our team were unsure and maybe a bit scared of reaching their lofty goal this year. Setting BIG goals is scary. I have learned through my almost 7 years as a stylist, that things rarely happen with you don't set a goal to make them happen. If you wait every year for the right timing, more time in your schedule, or the perfect moment to go BIG and set goals, you might not ever really find the time to set them. The truth is that we all have the same 24 hours in a day. With goal setting I find it is more important to decide what you can set aside, what you can live without, what you have give up in order to reach your goals. The truth is that if something is important enough to us, we will find the time to do it. We all seem to think we are so busy and we have no time, but when we are really honest with ourselves I think most of us would admit that we could cut one hour of TV out, maybe get up an hour earlier to work, maybe change some of our habbits that take us away from what we want to accomplish. So when you think about what you want to accomplish this year, think about what your financial goals are, think about what your paycheck could do for you and your family in 2016. This about what you would do with a $1000 bonus for promoting to Star or maybe a $6000 Bonus by promoting to Star Director. The great thing about our job as a business owner is we get to decide each day where to spend our time and how much we want to earn and work. The downside of being a business owner and our own boss is that we sometimes get lazy and don't work as much as we could. It's easy to declare what we want, but often not always easy to work when we don't feel like it. So be sure to piack a pacing partner, share your 2016 Q1 goal and reach out for help and support. That is what i am here for, that is what your team is there for. This could be your year to earn $100,000 on your own terms, pay off debt, plan a special trip for your family. This could be the year you earn our incentive trip from Stella & Dot to take your husband or family. Whatever it is that you want, now is the time to set your goal and share it proudly. Cheers to you, all you have accomplished and all that is ahead for you in this fabulous new year! There is room for every single stylist to soar this year and accomplish every single goal. May 2016 be your best year yet! xo Shaina

Congratulations to our Q4 contest winners!

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Congrats Kathleen Whitworth for winning $300 Stella & Dot product Credit!

Congratulations Kirsten DiDonna for winning $50 Sephora Gift cards!

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