Mary Aikenhead's Ministries

By Olivia Marojevic and Amy Kearney

What organisations exist in Victoria?

Health & Aged Care

St Vincent's Health Australia


St Columba's College, Essendon

Catholic Ladies College (CLC), Eltham

What is their Mission and Values?

St Vincent's Health Australia:

Mission: Their mission is to bring God's love to those in need through the curing ministry of Jesus They are substantially devoted to people who are poor and vulnerable.

Values: Compassion, Justice, Integrity and Exellence

St Columba's College, Essendon:

Mission: Our vision for students of St Columba’s is that they be faithful and strong women of compassion and confidence committed to transforming the Church and renewing the world.

Catholic Ladies College (CLC), Eltham:

Mission: Our core purpose is the education of young women in the Catholic tradition. Within this context, our goals and vision are student-centered. Catholic Ladies’ College learning environment is one that fosters the growth and development of positive, resilient and compassionate young women who are able to take their place of choice in these early years of the 21st century. Our aim is to ensure that they grow to be young women of hope; confident in themselves and who are they are, yet able to see and reach beyond themselves.

Values: Generosity of Spirit, Hope, Justice, Respect, Service of the Poor, Love and Compassion, Learning, Community.

How do the activities of the organisation fulfil the Mission?

Health & Aged Care:

They assist and are dedicated to those a in disadvantaged state and work their hardest to attain their needs at any cost.


These schools work in educating their pupils of Mary Aikenhead’s work. They provide and encourage knowledge to this vast group of youth of the extent and excellence of Mary Aikenhead’s values and teachings.

Why is there a need for these Ministries in the community?

Health & Aged Care:

Because there are many disadvantaged and vulnerable people that need to be looked after by the trained nurses and to cure and prevent diseases under Mary Aikenhead's name. It is vital for the marginalised to get looked after for then Mary Aikenhead's work will be continued in future generations.


Mary Aikenhead completed many awe inspiring, productive, innovative and beneficial works in her time. It is vital that her values are not forgotten and her legacy continues to thrives in this day and age. The primary way to achieve this result is to educate our young women of the future of who Mary Aikenhead was and what she stood for. Because a solid knowledge of the good she represented will encourage these women to preserve, retain and continue her extraordinary work in the 21st Century.