Poem Anthology

Ruby Grewal


Ruby Grewal was born in Los Angeles, California. She began to write poetry her freshman year of high school. She fell in love with poetry and began to write more and more. Below are some of the poems she wrote. One of her personal favorites are "Death of a Snowman" and "All the Love". We hope you enjoy this poem anthology.

Death of a Snowman

It was sorrowful day

When the sweltering air came

the snowman melted away

The children cherished him

all winter long.

They needed to protect him from the beaming sun rays.

They saw he was getting more concise

minute by minute

day by day

they needed to save him

time was running out.

The children break off

reckoning what to do.

The ice box

The freezer

they hurried back to the snowman

but it was too late

he was no longer there

what was once a snowman

was now a puddle of water

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Ode to my Bed

My bed

My shelter, my hideaway. its warmth hugs me as i sleep

Its soft mattress makes me want to fall in a deep slumber

My bed.

A place where my mind can drift away

Always greeting me in black and white color

Its soft pillows are like white fluffy clouds as its mattress seems to stretch

Out for miles and miles

When I'm tired my bed cradles me until I'm asleep making sleeping the best thing ever. Its Soft comfy blankets make me feel safe and sound

I want to lay in my bed all day everyday

without my bed i am nothing. it makes me feel secure in my deep everlasting sleep.

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Words Hurt

Bullying hurts, saying one word turns into a blurt.

What if they wrote a note saying goodbye?

And their family and friends were left wondering..why?

They wake up with regret.

Wanting to forget.

Did you know, you're their biggest fear?

The rumors and secrets start to spill.

They grab a bottle and overdose on pills.

Don’t you see what you're putting them through?

They scream so loud, but no one can hear.

What if it was you who got hurt everyday?

Tell me how many words you would have left to say.

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Where I'am From

I am from the stage, from blaring headphones and playing pianos.

I am from the cozy.

I am from the blooming oleanders, the red silk cotton tree.

I am from nights of Lorhri and successful, from hardworking and The Noor’s and The Grewal’s.

I am from the big family dinners and loving and caring.

From you WILL be a doctor and no to broadway.

I am from sikhism.

I'm from the daily cup of tea and chicken and rice.

From the American journey, the always working, and the busy.

I am from California and Dubai.

All the Love

Falling in love and falling apart

I lust for love yet i am lost in love.

I'm a tormented heart

It is all above.

It seems as if my heart is cold as ice.

Is love true?

My heart has been sliced more than twice

because i assumed ‘forever’ would be with you.

Love has no condition, limits, rules.

Its brings substance to the empty.

Love makes the proudest of people morph into fools.

It challenges an old identity.

With every “how are you” and “im fine”

In every “what are we?” and every “we’ll see”

Love is the reason we live and breathe.

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Poetry was a great unit that we learned. It has hidden meanings and messages. I love to write sonnets because it can be challenging but, when you put it all together and you feel accomplished. I feel like a better writer and poet. I got my ideas from whats present today. I hope my effect on the reader shows them the message of each poem.