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28th August 2013 Juliette Asa

Ned Kelly's Death

Ned Kelly DEAD!

  1. What happened? ned kelly got hang for a Capital Punishment
  2. When did it happen? 11 November 1880 (aged 25)
  3. ,Where did it happen? he died in Melbourne
  4. How did it happen? his last word were "i guess it has come to this" & shortly after "Such is life"
  5. Why did it happen? they found him guilty of murdering Constable Fitzpatrick and sentenced him to hang
  6. Who was involved? the government and police
  7. An image of Glenrowan (with a caption).
  8. An image of Ned Kelly (with a caption).
  9. An image of the Kelly Gang (with a caption).
  10. At lease 200 words describing what happened.
  11. A title i.e. Ned Kelly Dead!
  12. A subtitle i.e. Glenrowan now a safe place