Kate Heffernan

people of the rainforest

Did you know people live in rainforest's?

You might be asking

how?I'll tell you.

people of the rainforest

So that is how people live in

a rainforest.

rainforests in danger

Rainforest's are in danger and they're are so many resons why. I think you know one reson why.
Today people are taking down trees

for furnitre, towns, and

spaces for farms.

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Animals are dieing because

people are taking away their



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Some of the plants in the rainforests

have medicens in them and when

they make space for farms they take down these


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And theres only one thing to

do.You can help save the


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endangerd rain forest animals

There are many endangerd

rainforest animals and I'm going

to talk about 3.

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Gorillas are found in africa.

but they are in danger .

they are in danger for loss of habitat ,

hunting,and ebola. but you can help go to the

Dine Fossey fund to learn more and adopt

a gorilla now.

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Harpy Eagals live in Central and

South America, Mexico ,Bolivia,

Brizal, and Argentina. They are in danger for

loss of habitat, and hunting. For more imformaition

you can go to Perigen Fund .com

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Orangantans live in tropical rainforests.But they are in danger for destruction loss of habitat and hunting .But today you can go to the Orangutan Foundation International to foster,donate ,and learn more about Orangatans.
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So now you know about 3 kinds of endagerd rainforest animals.Go to the websites to help and learn more today.
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biggest rainforest

Do you know what the biggest

rainforest is?I'm going to talk

about it .It's huge.

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The amazon rainforest

is the biggest rainforest

ever!but it's a tropical one.

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the amazon tropical

rainforest is 2.125 millon

sq. miles .thats huge!

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the amazon rainforest

covers 60% of Brazil 13% of Peru

and 10% Culumbia it also covers small parts of 6 other states covering 9 states total

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So now you know 3 facts

about the Amazon Rainforest.

But theres many more facts for you

to learn.

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There are so many facts

on rainforest's that people

don't know. Here are 2

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In a rainforest there is

a plant called lianas.

They can be as thick as a mans arm!

Thats crazy!

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The biggest tree in a

rainforest can grow up

to be 292 feet.

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Now you know 2 facts

on diffrent things and

there's many more facts for you to


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