Hosp Appy Hour

April 26


Congratulations to Mrs. Campos and Mrs. Chapa for working so hard on your 5C Badges! I'm so proud of you!!

If you have not taken advantage of this program, I want to encourage you to think about making this a goal for next year. You not only earn a Chromebook to use for yourself while you are in the district, you learn a ton about 5Cs and tech integration along the way. Holler at me if you want to do this next year!!

Tools for the Classroom...

What's a FlipHunt?

Want to do a scavenger hunt with your kiddos in a new and exciting way? Do a #FlipHunt...a digital scavenger hunt done on FlipGrid. Teach new material, formatively assess, or review what's been taught. There's all kinds of ways to use it and provide an opportunity for great student engagement.

Go here to read more about it, and let me know if you need me to help you set this up. I'm happy to help!

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Coding is a hot topic right now! I highly encourage you to become familiar with it and dip your toes in!! You could start with perusing this coding choice board. Click the image below to access the links.

Curriculum Resources

Digital Citizenship Lessons - 4th 9 Weeks

Kinder: Digital Citizenship Review LP

1st Grade: Digital Citizenship Review LP

2nd Grade: Digital Citizenship Review LP

3rd Grade: Digital Citizenship Review LP

4th Grade: Copyright & Fair Use LP & Digital Citizenship Review LP

5th Grade: Copyright & Fair Use LP & Digital Citizenship Review LP. To help prepare our 5th graders for Middle School, please review the Email LP at the end of the year, after STAAR.

Tech PD Opportunities...

My Schedule...

April 29-May 3