S'more About Me ~

By: Jackson Lamb

Autobiography ~

My name is Jackson Lamb, and I am 16 years old and live in Hickory, North Carolina. I used to live in Conover until middle school, where we lived in Taylorsville. Then the month before high school, we moved to Hickory. My experience at Discovery has been absolutely amazing and I couldn't ask for a better class, staff, or environment.

My Family ~

My family consists of me, my mother and father, my two brothers, Jake and Drew. We also have a German Shepherd who is about a year and a half old named Buster.

Hobbies ~

My hobbies have made quite the change over the years. When I was smaller, I played baseball for about 6-7 years, playing just about every position but catcher...funny story. Then I quit playing baseball when middle school started.

Now, I play tons of basketball and video games such as Hearthstone and Minecraft.

My Science Story ~

I was never really too interested in any Science related courses up until I had Biology my sophomore year of high school, last year. Since then, I have slowly been getting more interested in different kinds of sciences and now am eager to learn Chemistry!