Art Teachers

By: McKenzie Lange

What's in it for me?

Do you love to teach and create art? While an art teacher would be great for you! You only need a Bachelor's degree for entry level.
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Do you need any qualities?

Of course! You should be Social, Artistic and Investigative.

Typical work day

You would instruct people on drawing, painting, and crafts. You would get to demonstrate on the pottery wheel and demonstrate different type of techniques. It would be a hands on job and you would have to bring your brain so you could think about ideas for projects.
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Sick of adults?

No need to work with adults you get to work with wonderful Kids and a boss with your other fellow teachers.
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Where would I work?

You would work in a classroom but you could take your students outside for projects. You would typically work 36 to 40 hours a week plus 10 to 15 hours of planning.

Need money to enjoy?

Art teachers earn about $45,180 per year.

Like to feel in charge?

You'll get plenty of this when being an art teacher. You get to help kids and also supervise them!

Can you hand this?

Make sure you are great with kids and have patience and being a pretty good artist.
Sesame Street: Me Love Cookie Art (song)

Want to have fun at your job?

Being an art teacher allows you to be able to make things and find awesome art videos like these two that I found to help motivate your students.
Sesame Street: Make Your Own Art Song