PHS at Home Learners


Strategies for Success

Good afternoon,

This correspondence is for our Palmer High at-home learners. Many of you picked up Chromebooks for your student last Friday. Chances are students that chose the at-home model are starting their first week of school work this week. I feel it is important that we provide some strategies for success for your student.

The schedule that we are following this year in secondary schools is a six-period schedule with students attending 3 classes one week and the other three classes the following week(periods 1-3 last week & 4-6 this week). The philosophy behind this model is to provide a strategy for students to only focus on three classes in a given week.

I think that our at-home learners should approach the APEX online classes with the same strategy. If your student has 4 core classes, and 2 elective classes a good approach will be to focus on 2 core classes and one of the electives in a given week. This will allow a focused approach with the hope the students won't feel overwhelmed.

I believe in transparency when it comes to informing Palmer High stakeholders. This model for at-home learners in a model that we are learning as this school year develops. APEX is a proven and viable learning model with a standards-based curriculum. The class content is most often robust and it will challenge students. Working on all the courses in a given day or week will lead to your student feeling overwhelmed.

At home, learners will need to focus on their soft skills of time management and organization to be successful. This is true for all students, but for at-home learners, it's imperative. I earned my master's degree to become a principal in an online program. It's a valuable skill to develop.

Success in online programs requires time management and an organized approach where the student has to dedicate time to keep up. Have this conversation with your student and help them plan their organized time dedicated to schoolwork. There is great value in these soft skills that will prove valuable in many of their pursuits throughout life.

Lean us if you need help.

Go Moose!

Principal Reid