The life of Roald Dahl

By Griffin Fitzsimmons

Early life

Roald Dahl was born on september 13 1916 in landaff Wales. Both of his parents were norweigen and he had and older sister at the time. After this Dahl decided he would take a trip to Africa while in Africa he decided to start working for shell.

Later life

In 1951 Dahl met his wife to be Patricia Neil. Later on in 1953 he ended up marring her and had a daughter together in 1955 named Olivia Dahl. This was also the year Dahls first stage play premered. Dahl was also featured in Alfred Hitchcock presents.

Literature and works by Dahl

Dahl has created so many great works. Some of my favorites were Fantastic Mr.Fox,Matilda and Charlie and the chocolate factory. My personal favorite though was Charlie and the chocolate factory. It is about a boy who wins a golden ticket to a chocolate factory and it talks about all of his adventures in the factory.
Roald Dahl Biography and Interview