Wright Brothers

Katie King


Wilbur and Orville wright are two brothers who came to expand on the invention of the airplane. Both were born in Indiana on April 16, 1867. They started working at a young age at their dad's newspaper company called The Religious Telescope. When they grew older, they decided to make their own newspaper company, as their father had passed. In 1893, the men opened their own bicycle shop. The thing that really sparked their interest in planes was the crash by a German pilot. From there, they started to work on their own invention of an airplane, one that would fly better than any other. Finally, in 1900, the two brothers flew their first glider in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. The flight lasted 58 seconds and traveled 852 feet. That is the most ever traveled, and the longest a plane has ever been in flight. Two months later, they got their invention patented and showed their idea to the US Government. Their name lived on well past the 1920's, getting multiple honorary degrees from multiple colleges.


The brothers spent years and years trying to improve their own airplane invention. They changed the way of transportation for everyone, everywhere. Airplanes today still have some of the aerodynamics of their original plane. Wilbur and Orville even opened their own flying school in 1908. They taught many people how to fly planes, even people who were apart of the military. Military fighting was also made easier with the invention of the plane. Without these two brothers, transportation would not be like it is today.
Wright Brothers Biography