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September 10, 2022

6 Ways To Get Better

1. Be humble and hungry.

2. Focus on your strengths and what matters most.

3. Tune out distractions.

4. See life and people as teachers you can learn from each day.

5. Help others get better.

6. Care more. Put more time, effort, and passion into your work and life.

NED Assembly

NED's Mindset Mission Assembly was held on Wednesday. NED and our students take a journey to find their positive mindset through storytelling, humor, illusions and amazing yo-yo tricks!
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Did You Know?

The pine trees along the south side of our school property were donated and planted in honor of Kim Kessinger. Kim Kessinger was an Akron School Board President and great supporter of the Akron School District and community. Kim passed away over ten years ago but the impact he made on so many people, lives on today through the people he touched through his support and generosity. The trees in his honor were donated, planted, and have been cared for by Rick Glosson, another great supporter of our school and community.
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Eligibility for Middle School and High School Students

Eligibility will begin next week Monday, September 12th.

Eligibility is pulled each week for middle school and high school students on Thursdays. Eligibility determines if a student will be able to participate in a sport or activity (FFA, FBLA, FCCLA) for that week.

The Akron grading scale is:

100%-90% - A

89%-80% - B

79%-70% - C

69%-65% - D

65%-0 - F

If a student has two Ds, two Fs, or a combination of a D & F, he/she will be considered ineligible for the week. Mrs. Weers will send a text and email to parents of students that are considered ineligible. Beginning this year, there will be no watch list notification sent out. We encourage parents to access Alma regularly to check your child(ren)'s grades.

Contact Mrs. Weers with any questions

High School Football

Akron boys defeated St Mary's on Friday night, and will travel to Fowler on Friday.

Go Big Blue!

Akron Pom Girls in Action

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Akron Volleyball

The high school volleyball girls were in action on Tuesday at Fleming and will travel to Burlington on Saturday.

Stay positive and keep working girls!

Boys Golf

Akron boys golf team has seen a lot of action in the last couple weeks and the boys are continually improving.

They will be hosting a tournament in Akron on Friday.

Go Blue!
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Character Word of the Week: Sincerity

Eagerness to do what is right with transparent motives.

I will . . . . .

  • Be all that I can be.
  • Take responsibility for my own actions.
  • Respect others’ opinions.
  • Always mean what I say.
  • Not take advantage of other people.

What's Happening -

Friday, September 9

9 am HS Boys Golf at Akron

7 pm HS FB at Fowler

Saturday, September 10

8 am MS VB tournament (A & B Only)

1 pm HS Volleyball at Burlington Leave at 10:30 am

Monday, September 12

9 am HS Boys League Golf at Sterling

4 pm MS VB vs Yuma

Tuesday, September 13

12:15 pm FFA Member Meeting/Lunch

4 pm MS VB vs Peetz

7 pm School Board Meeting

Wednesday, September 14

10 am FFA Dist Greenhand at the Event Center

12:15 pm FCCLA Member Meeting

2:40 pm MS Volleyball pics – J Powell

4 pm Elementary Teachers – Boys Town Review

4 pm HS Volleyball pics – J Powell

Thursday, September 15

7:15 am Staff Meeting Groups

9 am HS Boys Golf at Ft Morgan

4 pm HS VB vs Yuma

4 pm MS FB vs Dayspring

Friday, September 16

NO SCHOOL – Teacher Inservice

7:15 am Business Advisory Meeting

7 pm HS FB vs Holly

Ram Cafe


Breakfast- Muffins, Fruit, Juice and Milk

Lunch- Cheese Burger, French Fries, Fruit, Salad Bar and Milk


Breakfast- Yogurt, Granola, Fruit, Juice and Milk

Lunch- Spaghetti Bake, Garlic Bread, Broccoli, Fruit, Salad bar and Milk


Breakfast- English Muffin w/ sausage, Fruit, Juice and Milk

Lunch- Nachos, Refried Beans, Fruit, Salad Bar and Milk


Breakfast- French Toast Sticks, Fruit, Juice and Milk

Lunch-Deli Sandwich, Chips, Roasted Veggies, Fruit, Salad Bar and Milk

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