Who are assessments for and why use them


Assessment is a tool to measure and to understand where students are. It gives the teacher a better sense of what area's the students may need more attention and which ones they have excelled in or have improved in. This validates my mindset. I have always felt that the assessments were for the benefits for the students or for the person taking the assessment for whatever reason. It lets them and the assessor know what level they are on and what the next step should be.

Defending our assessment practices

This will allow me to see where my children need help and what they need help with. I would use this questions in my anticipated practice (youth counselor) by talking with my students and communicating with students,parents, teachers and schools. The value in the assessment is to focus on areas of need weather they be educational, behavioral, or emotional. I want to focus on areas in need. All assessments will be of value to my students. I am here for them and at their disposal. I will continuously be participating in meetings , seminars, discussion groups to further my education to be on top of helping my youth and I will always ask questions on anything I don't understand. I will participate in new assessments but will always make sure I am educated enough to do so. By keeping this questions in mind I will be sure to continue to keep my youths best interest in mind.
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We are partners

My students/youth will be my partners in assessment because it is their well being that is my concern. I want to make sure that they understand the importance, that they are involved in making certain decisions. Youth need to be involved. I will communicate with them, listen to their opinions and I think that this is important in all partnerships and I believe that this will help me succeed.