Energy Coversions

By: Dillon Hennings


A change from one form of energy to another.

Thermal energy

All matter is made of particles that are always in random motion.Because the particles are in motion,they have kinetic energy. Thermal energy is all of the kinetic energy due to random motion of the particles That make up an object.

particles move faster at higher temperatures than lower temperatures. The faster the particles move,the greater their kinetic energy and greater the objects thermal energy.Thermal energy also depends on the number of particles.Water in form of stream has a higher temperature Than water in a lake does.But the lake has more thermal energy because the lake has more water particles.

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Nuclear Energy

There is a form of energy that comes from tiny amount of matter.It used to generate electrical energy,and gives the sun its energy.It is nuclear energy, the energy that come from changes in the nucleus of an atom.There is a form of energy that comes from nuclear energy.This reaction,Know as fusion gives off huge amount of energy.
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Sound Energy

Shows how object transmits energy through the air around it.Sound energy is caused by an objects vibrations.When you stretch a guitar string stores potential energy.
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Light Energy

light allows you to see,but not all light can be seen.Light energy is produced by vibrations of electricity charged particles.Like sound vibrations,light vibrations cause energy to be transmitted.
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Electrical Energy

The electric outlets in your home allow you to use electrical energy.Electrical energy is the energy of moving electrons.Electrons are the negatively charged particles of atoms.
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Where does the energy in food come from? Food is made chemical compounds.When compounds such as sugar form,work is done to join the different atoms together.Chemical energy is the energy of a compound that changes as its atoms are rearranged . chemical energy is a form of potential energy because it depends on the position and arrangement of the atoms in a compound.
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Elastic potential energy

When the rubber band is let go, the stored energy becomes elastic potential energy.
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