Scientific Revolution

Henry A 6th period

What was the change?

A change of theories about the whole universe and many other things in the universe.The scientific revolution between 1500-1700. There were 4 main scientists who made a lot of contributions to the scientific revolution. They were Kepler, Galileo,Newton,and Copernicus.The revolution caused many different people to think a lot of many ways.

Who were the people associated with the change?


Newton was an English physicist and mathematician. Newton created the first reflecting telescope and made a theory of color through it. The telescope was first used to observe bacteria and other small organisms. Also he created the idea laws of motion and gravity that many scientists used for many years. Newton published a book called "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy" on 1867. Newton made many contributions to science and the scientific revolution.

How did the change impact society?

The change impacted society a lot because there were so many theories at the time. That caused the church and the people to believe different things but the church i think would mostly believe the most religious theory. Many people were doubting others and supporting others at the time.

How is that change evidenced in modern society?

I think people know can actually show the evidence about theories back then during the scientific revolution. Because of the technology and research that have scientists have added on to the theories. For example we still use the telescope today ti learn more about the planets and the solar system. Also scientists are still using Newtons laws of motion to this day.