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Refresher: How to Add a MasteryConnect Assessment to your Canvas Course

MasteryConnect Assessing Students in Canvas

MasteryConnect App

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You can save time using Canvas to assess your students but if you are using bubble sheets the app is said to be easier to scan your bubble sheets with rather than your computer.

You can download the MasteryConnect Teacher app from the apple app store and android store.

The first thing you’ll see after logging in to the Teacher app is a list of all your trackers. From here, you can dive down and view standards, students, mastery levels, grade assessments, and enter raw scores.

From this section, you’ll be able to:

  • View your trackers by name
  • See the number of students assigned to each tracker
  • Examine the standards that are aligned to each tracker
  • View the percentage of standards that have been assessed
  • Quickly see current mastery levels for assessed standards


At the bottom of the Teacher app, there is a fully searchable list of assessments that have been added to your trackers. From here you can open the Grader for each assessment, where you can grade or edit answers. From this section you'll see:

  • The assessment names
  • The name of the tracker that contains the assessment
  • The standards aligned to the assessment
  • Student Mastery Levels for assessments that have been graded

Use the Grader to scan and score student assessments or edit student answers. From the Grader, you can:

  • See student names and ID numbers (sortable by mastery levels)
  • View the assessment source
  • Check out the scores for graded assessments

There is more information in the help article on MasteryConnect. If you log into MasteryConnect and click this link you can see more details.

Click the link for more information. *Log into MasteryConnect to access.

Teacher App

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