A Fitness App That Counts The Steps You Take

About The App

This app is very simple in its context and interface. The one main purpose of the app is to count your steps. To make it start counting your steps you simply press the start button in the app and it starts counting. After you press stop, it shows a graph to show the frequency of your steps per 2 minutes, number of calories burnt, number of miles and your speed.
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Overall Reveiw and Pros

I think it is a great app that is very simple and to the point. An app I downloaded before was so confusing I could not understand it. Then when I came to this app I understood everything nicely. The layout is clean and modern. A graph is used to show your progress of how much steps you take every 2 hours and in total 24 hours. There are also options of showing your steps in the matter of weeks and months. At the top there is also a number showing the total number of steps so you do not need to look at the graph.

I appreciate the developer for his/her options. My favorite part of the app is the part where the number of calories burnt is shown which is helpful if you are on a diet. There is also the functionality of the number of miles and the speed which is less interesting but essential. Another great point about this app is that it does not need any special permissions or personal info about the student/user. Overall this is a great app and delivers solidly for what it is made for.

This a great app for all ages. Especially for the people who want to maintain or lose weight.

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If I were to pick out the faults in this app it would not be that long. First of all I think it might be too simple and maybe the developer could add some extra functionality like a diet recorder or a sleep analyzer.

Second, I would love for it to give options like a pie chart instead of a graph just because I prefer a pie chart but this is not necessary.

Lastly, I would really like for it to be online so that I can share my steps with my friends to tell them about it. I also would love medals that you get when certain amount of steps is achieved.

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