Ben Franklin

More Than A Scientist By : Christopher Allen Nobles



He stole lightning out of the sky. Was americas first ambassador for several colonies. this man this great man helped the colonies in many ways. This man im sure you've heard of his name Ben Franklin. Ben Franklin cared about the colonist he established their first hospital for them. this man helped draft on of the most important documents for america the declaration of independents. so as you can see this man is very important to America.


Ben Franklin served as an ambassador for 7 different colonies. Ben Franklin was an ambassador for 9 years. Ben franklin was the colonist first ambassador. being an ambassador ben franklin had to go to france and communicate. Ben Franklin the ambassador helped the colonies and france.

Buildings Established

Ben Franklin Established many buildings in the colonies. For an example he established the first fire department. Ben FRanklin also established the first public lending library. But most importantly he established the first hospital. Ben Franklin established many things in the colonies.

Founding father

Ben Franklin was one of the major founding father for the colonies. He ended the revolutionary war with the treaty of paris. The most important document he helped draft was the declaration of independents. Besides the declaration of independents ben franklin made the colonies to america with the united states consecution. These are a few reasons Ben Franklin was one of the major founding fathers.


So now you know why Ben Franklin was important to the colonies. He served the colonies as an ambassador.He helped establish the colonies buildings. He was so important to the colonies they made him one of the founding fathers. Ben franklin did a lot more than science.