CNP News

Week of May 13th, 2019

I Can't Believe It!

I can't believe that this is the last full week of school! Wowza!!!!!! We have a lot of field trips happening and events going on the last 8 days. I can't say it enough THANK YOU for all of your hardworking this year with our kiddos. This was a historic year for CNP and you all made the transition go smoothly and stepped up when needed! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Maker Space Wednesday

With all the things going on Mr. Wesson will not be able to be here Wednesday so we won't have Makerspace on Wednesday. With the following Wednesday being the last day of school we won't have Makerspace that day either.

2019-2020 Class Lists

We will be discussing class lists and how we are going to go about them on Monday morning @ 7:50. You will need to bring your computers as I will be sharing a google sheet with you.

NWEA Fluency

We will meet Tuesday Morning @ 7:50 about the NWEA Fluency testing. I will explain how to get logged in and get your kids logged in and we should be ready to go. Everyone should have their Headphones. Please make sure these are only used for the fluency testing as they are expensive and I'd rather not have to replace a bunch of them. Please check them to make sure they fit in the iPads without an adapter. If they don't fit let me know we have adapters but might have to share if we don't have enough.

End of Year Final Evals

I will be talking to you about scheduling the summative evaluation meeting. Please give me your Domain 3 evidence as soon as possible. Thanks! I.A's I will be around sometime between now and the end of the year with your evals. Thanks!

Schedule Committee Meeting

We will meet Wednesday in my office at 7:45.

Field Day

May 21st will be field day, with a rain out date of May 22nd.

Upcoming Events

Here is a list of things I know are happening this week.

Monday: 2nd Grade to tour CNE 10:15-12:30

Tuesday: Nothing that I know of

Wednesday: Character Counts 9:30

Thursday: Kindergarten Music program Doors open at 6:00 starts at 6:30

Friday: Mr. Morgan YMCA Meeting in Kendallville @7:30, Mrs. Woods to Hidden Diamonds 9:00-2:00, Mr. Morgan @ CNE 2:00 for 5th Grade Talk.

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