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On March 3, we have a whole new local and national lineup that will knock your socks off. This is our night to meet as Gospel Centered leaders, to connect with each other and to stay in tune on key ideas. Our local theme this spring is Thought Leadership and Culture Making. Studio 817 in Downtown Sacramento will be our location once again after the smashing party last September. Come out and bring another leading friend. Register today using this link –

This week's Sphere of Influence: Government

Leaders in Goverment influence through law, policies and appropriations

Who is Les Simmons?

Rev. Lesley Simmons is the Assistant Pastor of South Sacramento Christian Center. He serves alongside his parents and Senior Pastors, Bishop Esley and Pastor Deborah Simmons. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Education and an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Theology. Upon that completion, he started into full time ministry and has not looked back.

Les has served as a Pastor and Worship Leader for over 14 years. With a heart for the nations, he has traveled the world preaching and teaching the Word of God and as a result- seeing people's lives changed. Through intensive community outreach, a new breed of partnership has formed with the Sacramento Police Department and Pastors of Sacramento, with a new program called “Cops and Clergy”. Pastor Les is a participating leader in this program, riding along with police officers as they patrol our neighborhoods in an effort to bridging the gap of community relationships.

He is driven, focused and passionate about the work that he is doing for the Kingdom and his community.

How does Proposition 47 bring God's redemptive power to everyone?

Proposition 47 is restorative justice. It gives people a second chance in life. One of our Christian values that we take from Mathew 25 is Jesus saying to his disciples, "you have clothed me, you have gone to the prison, you have gotten me out of the prison..." The disciples asked “when did we do that?” and Jesus responded "when you have done it for the least..." We have work to do! We have work to do in rethinking, reimagining, and reconnecting with people to give individuals a way of living, and talking, and thinking that is new. The time is now. I believe there is a shift. Let’s welcome back the prisoner and make a way for them in community to live a redeemed life.

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