Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

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Major city/settlement of the civilization

In 3200 B.C. people began settlement,Hunter and gatherers moved to the Nile Valley for fertile soil for farming

Enemies and protection

Egypt's enemies are Qatar and Turkey .There protection was mostly knifes now they have updated war protection.

Methods of trade

Egypt uses the Alexandria Port to import and export goods.Egyptians are one of the best traders.The Egyptians would sail along the Nile river to find someone to trade.They sometimes would even walk across the hot dry desert to trade.Somethings they would trade are gold,grain,and decorative artifacts.

Religious beliefs

The religion of Egypt was a polytheistic which means many gods. Their religion host about 700 different god and goddesses.They also belived in after life,They believed that a physical body should be preserved.which caused mummification later on .

Egypt inventions

One of there greatest inventions that people pay big bucks to see is the Pyramid of Giza.The Pyramid of Giza was built by Khufu,Khafre,and,Menkaure.

Egypt's current population

84.7 Million people

Infant mortality rate

22.41 deaths/1,000 live births