The Martians welcome you!!

Come on and join us!

Come join Maddie, Mackenzie, our pet rover we call him Curiosity! We also have friends they are called Martians they said you can come anytime you want! Mr. Waddell if you come you will have a BLAST!!!!!!!!

Here is the facts about our home place!!

The rover was sent to search our home planet from earthlings! They wanted to see if there was life on earth, as well Curiosity found us and he stuck to us so now we call him our pet!! The largest mountain on Mars is 1,840 ft. and it is called the Tharsis Montes. The geography of Mars, also known as areography, entails the delineation and characterization of regions on Mars. Martian geography is mainly focused on what is called physical geography on Earth; that is the distribution of physical features across Mars and their cartographic representations. There ice on the poles Mackenzie and me and Curiosity gp there all the time it is really fun to go ice skating.

Our fun activites on Mars!

Ice skateing in the poles!!

Come join our skating rink. Mr. Waddell we have alot of different skates you could try we also have spongebob, and Mario skates. We have orange, red, and blue! We also have skate offs you could skate against your friends and the martains.