Strike against Tyranny

How to guard against tyranny


Definition: Federalism in my words is a government cut up into evenly divided pieces and help guard against tyranny.

How it guards the US of tyranny: Federalism divides the government into two seperate governments branches, which checks eachother because they both have different abilities so one doesnt have too many. The state government have more local abilities within that state so the government can't interfere with the state and the state can't interfere with other states and doesnt become more powerful over other states. The national government has national abilities instead of single state abilities so it can only change things nationally instead of making a state do something.

Seperation of Powers

Definition: Seperating the government into three branches.

How it guards against tyranny: Seperating the branches divides up the government evenly so the government doesnt have supreme power, Legislative, Executive, Judicial. Dividing the branches means that instead of one huge vote it goes through each branch that can veto it, declare it constitutional, etc. and can check eachother so one doesnt become to powerful by a system called checks and balances.

Checks and Balances

Big states vs. small states

Making sure neither state is more powerful than the other by balancing out the power. In the government more say is more power so as you may expect a larger state would like to have more representatives in the House of Representatives and more Senates and by doing so would mean judging the amount of representatives each state gets by population. But the problem with this is that the smaller states don't get a say which frustrated them. So to come to a compromise they made it so the number of represntatives is based on one person per thirty thousand which is favored by the largely populated states. To even it out they made it so each state gets two senates no matter population, size or wealth this was favored by the small states. Another thing is that for representatives they wanted to make sure the people have a voice in government, doing so would mean having to base the representatives on population hence the pattern. Doing so equals out the playing field so the larger states arent dominate over the smaller states. This was named,"the Great Compromise"